FPS Tanked -- again

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I have a 2012 Retina MacBook Pro. 16 GB of Ram, the whole sha-bang. My DPS keeps tanking! The last time I reset the SMC and it fixed matters. This time. Nothing. I went from having 45 FPS to 10 FPS in the same spot, literally in a matter of days... Nothing will fix it and the game is unplayable. Any help?!
Try running WoW without addons and see if the FPS changes. If it does, then the addons may be an issue.

Enable one addon at a time to find the culprit.

Also make sure that if you have any external hard drives connected or if Time Machine is running to pause Time Machine during WoW Gameplay.
You may also want to try a repair of the game to see if it helps.
Also, if you want to have to reset smc less, try to avoid using sleep or closing laptop lid with it turned on (yeah i know, not using a laptop like a laptop). This avoids apples stupid sleep performance bug too, to avoid having to constantly "fix" it. Maybe it's fixed in 10.8.3, i hope every update that it is then get woefully disappointed

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