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Guild Recruitment
Hi, 15/16H Demo Warlock looking for a guild. Been raiding along time alot of server firsts, guild had just finished up, looking for a new home.

I have several top ranking's 25man, looking for 9est onwards, Not interested in playing another class, Raid attendance is high.

Looking for a mature guild, no teenagers, no screaming.

Alliance prefered

Hit me up on realID, let's talk more I think were on the same page and I definitely would like to talk with you in further depth.

***Going 25 in 5.2.***

Website: Theinnercitygym.guildlaunch.com
Heroic Progression: 12/16H *Should be 14/16H this Tuesday*
Server: ChoGall

About Us

There is no better way to describe us than to say we are filled with so many different personalities and characters that it is quite difficult to come across a more wild, fun group of players to play with. The majority of us have been raiding together for years and have stayed on Nathrezim for the majority of our raiding careers. We are all friends, laugh, fight, and hate each other at times, but at the end of the day we are here for each other and love raiding together. We had a late start this expansion and are planning on not letting that deter us any longer, but continue to crush this content and bring us back into the top 50-100 US Ranks. We raid three days a week, and we like to keep it that way. We value our raid time as we raid, for the most part, only 9 hours a week. We accomplish a lot in that short period of time. That is how we have been and plan to stay. We work hard and play hard.

About Us
-25 Man.
-We have been around for years. Prior to this expansion we were known as Sleep.
-We are and have been the #1 guild on the realm. We plan to keep it that way.
-We are striving to be in the top 50-100 US ranks in the shortest allocated amount of time as possible.

What we are looking for
-A few extremely competent players who want to be apart of a guild that comes from a long range of history and notable achievements.
-Players who can fit in with us. Keep in mind many of us have known each other for a long period of time. This is not saying we are filled with clique's, but have a personality and something to you, we like to get to know our raiders.
-Know everything about you're class. We are not here to teach you how to play. We all are busy outside of this game, but that does allow any of us to slack off. We have high goals and the only way to achieve those are through dedication and commitment.

Raid Times
-Tuesday: 9-12CST
-Thursday: 9-12CST
-Sunday: 9-12CST
*Temporarily Wednesdays for the first 3-4 weeks of 5.2.*

-If we are pushing through new content there is a small chance we may add an extra day on to accomplish our goals, but I can promise for the most part we stick to three days maximum.

If you like what you read I would highly encourage you to fill out an application or contact myself or another officer in game. I promise we don't bite!

Cheated's RealID: Global4545@aol.com


hayy merlins
Hello Merlins. We run a small raid roster for 25s but would love another Warlock.

Contingency is currently 14/16H and 16/16N ( 25M Raiding )

US 77 Heroic Deathwing

We raid Mon-Thurs 9-12EST

Materblaster NicholasStrauthers@gmail.com <-- Speak with me Directly.
Hello, anyone need lock
We love warlocks! We're currently at 16/16H of Tier 14 and are clearing weekly in preparation for 5.2. We are always looking to recruit amazing players to help further our goal of improving with every tier. Please add my Real ID or BattleTag so we can discuss things further: Nyoki@email.com or Eva#1358. Look forward to hearing from you!
<Dysfunction> of Kel'Thuzad is recruiting competent raiders for Heroic 25 man raiding.

Guild summary
    Semi-hardcore 25 man raiding guild.
    !DKP loot system.
    Guild level 25

    Tier 14: 16/16 - 25 Heroic
    Tier 13: 8/8 - 25 Heroic
    Tier 12: 7/7 - 25 Heroic
    Tier 11: 13/13 - 25 Heroic

Raid times
    Sunday - Wednesday from 8:30pm to 12am CST

About Kel'Thuzad (PVP)
    Kel'Thuzad is one of the original 43 PvP servers that were opened upon the release of World of Warcraft, and is named after the lich Kel'Thuzad. The server runs at Mountain Standard Time.

    KT usually goes between "Full" and "High" status and is extremely active. The realm has a player base intensely active in both PVE and PVP play and currently has an Alliance to Horde ratio of approximately 6 to 1. It is also one of the few alliance servers with multiple 25 man opportunities, seemingly not being hit by the 10 man exodus quite as hard. Ranked #1 for Population of PVP Alliance Servers

    Quality heroic raid experience while content was current and an outstanding understanding of your class and specialization. There is an expectance of proper gemming and enchanting with current World of Log parses.

    We're currently recruiting for Mists of Pandaria. We're always looking to increase our ranks with veteran and skilled players. Therefore, even if your class or spec isn't listed on our website, feel free to apply!

How to apply
    Website: http://www.dysfunctionkt.com/
    Contact: Memnark, Wuvs or Pi
    BattleTag: Eva#1358
    Real ID: Nyoki@email.com
Hello Merlins! <Addiction> on Bleeding Hollow is currently looking for a warlock for our raid team. It is for a full time position as we do not recruit for the bench, we have no warlock and DE cloth and run a tight knit roster. Why join here over all the other guilds that will post or contact you? We believe the atmosphere, the way we run things, and the history we have as a guild sets us apart from the rest. Come see for yourself and be part of a family/guild you will truly enjoy.

<Addiction> is a semi - hardcore horde raiding guild on the US PVP Bleeding Hollow server. Most of our members used to be in Top 10 guilds and have vast prior raiding experience dating back to Classic WoW. We are all at the point where we do not enjoy the super hardcore raid scene and all that comes with it like we used to. We chose to run a more relaxed schedule that puts focus on the people we raid with and the quality of raiding more than the amount we raid. We are a talented group of players who want to see all the game has to offer without raiding 5-7 days a week to do so. We all enjoy our lives outside the game and don't have to sacrifice anything from it to play here. If you enjoy playing with highly competitive, friendly people on a lighter schedule then this is the place for you.

Many of our happiest raiders are ones who have been in top-tier, 5+day, 100%-attendance hardcore guilds and have decided that getting a boss kill a little earlier isn't worth the cost to their lives. We all play the game because we find raiding fun, and it makes the time we spend even better if you can actually enjoy the people you raid with. However, we?re still very competitive and we all want to get high-rank kills as each tier comes out.

We would also entertain the idea of possibly going 25 man for next tier if another 10 man or struggling 25 man would like to talk to me about that.

Here is the need-to-know info about <Addiction>

Progression: 15/16 HM
Raid Times: Tues/Wed/Thurs 10pm-2am EST
Loot: Loot council
Attendance: Full attendance required since it is a 3 day a week schedule
Progression: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/bleeding-hollow/Addiction
Website: http://addictiontowow.com/

We are currently recruiting the following:

1 Tank: Closed
2 Healers: Holy Paladin, Resto Druid, MW Monk, Disc Priest
2 Melee DPS: Closed
3 Caster DPS: Elem shaman, boomkin, warlock

Obviously high quality applicants will be considered and trialed.

If any and all of this interests you then you can contact me through real ID or in game whisper or head on over to the website and put in an application.

real ID contact: lilsean2648@aol.com
website: http://addictiontowow.com/

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon!
Hi Merlins,

We're looking to fill a warlock spot.

We finished out this tier at US 19th 25 man while raiding 12-16 hours per week and hope to do even better in MoP. We currently raid 1 day a week with the rest of the days filled with optional alt runs and raids on beta.

25 man raid times: 8:30 PM - 12:30 AM (EST) Sunday through Wednesday
Loot system: Loot Council
Guild Established: 5/5/2005
Current roster size: 28+

Notable achievements this tier:
* H: Ultraxion (25) - US 21st
* H: Warmaster Blackthorn (25) - US 20th
* H: Spine of Deathwing (25) - US 22nd (PRENERF)
* H: Madness of Deathwing (25) - US 19th

What you get from Promethean:

  • Knowledgeable guild and raid leadership with 7+ years experience
  • A stable roster (20 people have been around at least 6 months, 15 more than 1 year)
  • Focus on building long lasting friendships in addition to progression
  • Consistent ranking in US top 50 on 25 man heroics
  • 12-16 hour raid week during progression (additional raid days never added)
  • Fair loot council system
  • Free repairs, cauldrons, potions, and all enchants
  • Multiple alt runs on off days

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday, and Monday from 8:30 PM EST to 12:30 AM EST.

Website: http://www.prometheanguild.com
World of Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/27393/
WowProgress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/malfurion/Promethean/rating.ach

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Amiye, Rexea, Zhi, or Methods on Malfurion at any time.

Good luck with your guild search!

Real IDs:
Hey Merlins

<Pure> is looking for a warlock. You would be expected to contribute to our guilds progression and we have a proven track record of success :). We maintain a top 30 US 25 man ranking while raiding four days a week and are 6/6 MV, 6/6 HoF 4/4 TES 25HM finishing with US 22. We raid Monday - Thursday, 7 - 11PM PST. If you're a pro and can be a real beast when it comes to DPS then don't hesitate to apply. Our guild is very stable and has been around for over 6 years under the same leadership.

For more information about us and recruitment, check out our forums at: http://pureraiders.com/forums
also check out our podcast::

If you have any questions, make a character on Antonidas and send myself or Magzs/Magzqt a tell in game. You can also contact me via real id empress_serenity@hotmail.com :)
Victory or Whatever --- US-Whisperwind - Alliance 25M

We are 15/16 Heroic *Edit for our Kill of Tsulong tonight.
We were [8/8N-DS] and [8/8H-DS]

Raid Times (Central Standard Time)
Tuesday 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Wednesday 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Thursday 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
* Non-required Cleanup night on Monday 7 to 10 when needed.

Recruitment Needs

Ranged DPS with High Priority on Mages, Warlocks, Boomkins.
1 Tank

More Info About our raid team:

Our guild has been raiding since early B.C. We were previously called After Life and switched at the beginning of Cata. We are dedicated to staying a 25m raid team that achieves progressions with a small raiding schedule.

We supply guild bank repairs, food, potions, gems, and enchants. We in return ask that you come focused and prepared to accomplish our agenda for the given week in a very small raid week. We enjoy our raids and desire to have fun while raiding. We are looking for raiders who want to enjoy progression raiding while preserving our friendly atmosphere.

Want To Apply?Contact Us

Please get in contact with Moonivy, Crimsonlily, Peejay, or Ninjablaze in game or in game mail if interested.

Real Id
(Crimsonlily/Moonivy) Tabetha@woh.rr.com
(ninjablaze) scarfacek1ngofny@yahoo.com
(peejay) colby_1471@hotmail.com

website - wwvow.guildlaunch.com
Angry is an endgame guild that's been raiding on the Illidan server for nearly 8 years now (since Molten Core).

Quick Overview
Server: Illidan (PvP) - located in Chicago, Central time zone
Raid Style: 25-player, loot is handled via DKP (details on our website)
Raid Schedule: Sun-Thurs (5 days), 9PM-1AM Central
Website: http://www.guild-angry.org

About Us
We have a long history as a solid raiding guild on the US's top server for raiding. Many of our current raiders have been here for several years, and the guild is still run by an original founder. We push to be as competitive as possible in raid progression, while retaining a positive environment. Our tolerance for drama, immaturity, or lack of effort is extremely low. We generally keep a smaller roster than many similar guilds, usually around 30-32 people, and as a result, we hold raiders to very high attendance standards. We don't recruit anyone as backups, bench, occasional fill-ins, etc. As with other guilds, trials and brand-new members may be asked to swap out more often than people who've put years into the guild, but we do our best to keep it fair, and ensure that nobody gets rotated out excessively.

While obviously most people don't remain full-time raiders forever, not too many people ever leave our guild and we've built up a sizeable community of retired raiders. Combined with the fact that Illidan is probably the most active server in all of WoW, you shouldn't have much of a problem finding things to do.

For those who care about such things, our final boss kill ranks for each tier of the WoWProgress era are:
* T7: US #22 Sartharion 3D 10
* T8: US #27 Alone in the Darkness (Yogg-0) 25
* T9: US #9 Tribute to Insanity 25
* T10: US #98 Heroic Lich King 25; US #77 Heroic Halion 25
* T11: US #31 Sinestra 25; US #30 Heroic Al'Akir 25
* T12: US #39 Heroic Ragnaros 25
* T13: US #29 Heroic Madness of Deathwing 25
* T14: US #34 Heroic Sha of Fear 25

We're looking for intelligent, mature, and active players who are eager to conquer new content as soon as it becomes available. Applicants should be drama-free min/maxers who know their class inside-out, keep up with all the latest changes to the game, and have stable computers and Internet connections. Potential members should also be able to attend virtually all of our raids without any recurring conflicts. We ask for a bare minimum of 90% attendance within our standard raid schedule.

If interested, go to our website and read the Guild Info & Policies page for more information on our guild, and the stickied thread in our recruiting forum for the latest information on which classes we're recruiting currently and how to apply.

Currently, we're most interested in:
1 Healer: Resto Shaman or Holy/Disc Priest
1-2 DPS: Rogue, Balance Druid, Warlock, Enhancement or Elemental Shaman, Ret Paladin, DPS DK, Shadow Priest, Windwalker Monk, or Hunter
<Resurrected> is recruiting your class for an immediate opening. A quick overview:

Well established guild, been around since 2008!
Progression: 10/16H T14 Raids 6/6H Mogu-shan Vaults, 3/6H Heart of Fear, 1/4H Terrace
Server: Sargeras (Alliance Dominated)
Raid Schedule: Monday through Wednesday, Thursday (Aux for new content) 10PM-1:30AM CST (8PM-11:30PM PST, 11PM-2:30AM EST)
Website: www.Resurrected-Sargeras.com
Contacts Rydhia, Madison, Jetz, Rainspeaker

Here is a link to our public recruitment page if you wish to read more: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6606783023#1
<Summit> Horde 25man Illidan server
3 Days Tue/Wed/Thurs 8-12 EST(7-11 Illidan Server)

We are looking for dedicated exceptional players who want to focus on end game progression in a 25man raid enviroment.

We expect high attendence, knowledge of fights, knowledge of personal classes, knowledge of your role and utilities you can offer a raid, and Fully prepared for every raid(flasked, gemmed, enchanted, 300 stat food, reforged).

If interesed please apply http://summitguild.com/forum/application.php or contact blizzhoof(blizzhoff#1716) or zoosadist(sdws#1552) directly on illidan for more info!)
Hi there Merlins! We're currently looking to add a Warlock for an immediate spot to our roster. Feel free to add me at Sikx#1158 if interested.

<Riot> is recruiting for Mists of Pandaria 25-man raiding.

About us:

<Riot> has existed since the launch of vanilla WoW. Originally hailing from the Warsong server, we made our move to Gorefiend in the middle of The Burning Crusade, eventually becoming one of the longest standing 25-man raiding guilds on Gorefiend. Our primary goal is to clear the most current content as it becomes available on both normal and heroic 25-man difficulties.

<Riot> is a hard-casual guild. We have a focused, but fun and friendly raiding environment. We also have a very dedicated leadership and we do our best to maintain a good reputation on our server.

MoP Progression:

• Mogu'shan Vaults 4/6 (Heroic 25)
• Heart of Fear 1/6 (Heroic 25)
• Terrace of Endless Springs 4/4 (25 norm)


• Dragon Soul: 8/8 Heroic 25; Savior of Azeroth.
• Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider (25)
• Firelands: 7/7 Heroic 25; Firelord.

Other 25 Heroic:

• Sinestra
• Nefarian
• Al'Akir.

Recruitment Needs:

We will consider exceptional applicants but are currently focused on recruiting the following classes:

• 1 Warlock
• 1 Mage
• 1 Melee (Feral, Ret, or WW monk)
• 1 Elemental Shaman

Evening Raiding Times (Eastern US):

• Wednesday 8 - 12
• Thursday 8 - 12
• Sunday 8 - 12


• The guild's focus is 25-man endgame content. We do not care about 10-man content when a 25-man version exists.
• Must be able to meet the above raid times. 100% attendance is not required, but you must have a compatible schedule. That includes all raiding days. We need dependable raiders.
• Must be a team player. We recruit enough to ensure that we can keep raiding even if someone has to miss a night, so candidates must be okay with the possibility of sitting out on occasion.
• Mains only. No second raid lockout for your alt. And please don't ask to bring your alts to farm content on primary raiding nights.
• No drama queens. Can't emphasize this enough. We like Gorefiend and we don't want drama with other guilds. Don't bring it here.
• We are not a hardcore guild. Yes, we're committed to 3 nights of 25-man heroic content, and we are serious when raiding. We do what we can in that time. We do not add extra days to push content. We do well enough, but we do not stress about server firsts. If this is a problem for you, do not apply.
• Decent 25-person endgame raiding experience required. This includes pre-Mists of Pandaria.
• Decent internet connection required. If you're affected by the recent Time Warner/BrightHouse latency/connection issues, please let us know in your application, as there are ways to circumvent this.
• We use EPGP for loot. ( http://code.google.com/p/epgp/ )
• We use Mumble rather then Ventrilo for raid communication. (http://mumble.sourceforge.net/ ) Please install prior to any tryout.

If you're interested, please register and complete an application at: http://www.iloveriot.com. Any questions can be directed via website or in-game PM to Zpriten, Blindeye, Lannistur, Mogster, Shibumi, Grindewald, Miasma, or Warmlettuce.
Hey Merlins.

Sorry to hear about BoW.

Hopefully you remember <Crisp> on good ol' Baelgun. The server quieted down a lot with Rage disappearing, sadly. We've continued to grow however, and I think our atmosphere would suit you well.

I know how long you have played in competitive guilds (I used to /gasp at you when you were in Impulse) :D

Hit me up for a chat soon and maybe I can persuade you to come back to our sleepy server.

Victory or Whatever --- US-Whisperwind
Formerly known as <After Life>, VoW has been around since the middle of BC. We have endured our down times, and consistantly remained a stable, fun, strong progression guild. We have an extremely unique raiding atmosphere, one that is enjoyable yet serious. We aren't elitist, but we expect people to perform at a high level to kill content and preserve our enjoyable atmosphere.

Cata Progression: [13/13 H-T11] - [7/7H-FL] - [8/8H-DS]

MoP Progression: [6/6H-MSV] - [6/6H-HoF] - [3/4H-ToES]

We supply guild bank repairs, food, potions, and flasks (Flasks currently not being supplied as the bulk of our money is going to gear our raiders, but will return in the future) for each raid. We in return ask that you come focused and prepared to accomplish our agenda for the given week in a very small raid week. We enjoy our raids and have fun, but if you're derping, expect constructive criticism. We do not belittle people in our raids.

Raid Times (Central Standard Time)
Tuesday 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Wednesday 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Thursday 7 p.m. - 10 p.m.

Prot Pally/Prot Warrior/Blood DK (HIGH need)
Elemental Shaman

*Anyone with EXCEPTIONAL credentials (we will find a place for great players)

*We're not looking to fill open spots. We are a progression guild and will continue to improve our roster with the best available talent. We are not recruiting for bench spots, we're recruiting you to earn a spot as a core member of our raid team. EXCEPTIONAL PLAYERS will never be turned away regardless of class/spec.

***At this time we are NOT accepting ANY gear projects***

Contact Us
Feel free to contact an officer in game, or use the following methods of contact.

Real Id
(Pjmiagi) colby_1471@hotmail.com
(Moonivy) Tabetha@woh.rr.com
(Ninjablaze) scarfacek1ngofny@yahoo.com

Website - wwvow.guildlaunch.com

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