ilvl 488 ww monk lf raiding guild

I am an ex-hardcore player turned casual but slowly getting back into the scene. Looking for a 2 nights a week guild that doesn't raid past 11 pm server.
Vae Victae is recruiting dps, our websites we are 16/16 normal, and were working on more while trying to fill some spots that became open this week. If your interested mail an app to
Oh and hi lub this is azazal/griffus
<The Covenant> is a 25-player guild seeking quality applicants to round out our raid roster. Apply at

About us
Server: Zul'jin (PvE)
Time zone: EST
Raid times: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. 7:50pm form group, raid from 8-11:30 EST (7-10:30 CST)
History: Guild has been around for 6 plus years under the same leadership.
Personality: Raid leaders are adults, over 30yo. Most of the guild is in their 20s/30s. We have quite a few members with military backgrounds (or futures), we have quite a few women too. We don’t nerd-rage, we’re friendly, but we expect preparation and focus.

We are currently searching for quality DPS with offspecs for tank/heals that are interested in joining the guild & can meet the raid times.

We are always willing to look at quality applicants of ANY class/role in addition to the specific classes mentioned above. If you’re a strong player, we WILL find a spot for you.

Our expectations from you:
- a World of Logs parse in your application, preferably post-MoP, but if that’s not possible, just give us something, or get a hold of any of the names below to make a parsing.
- 90%+ attendance.
- be online and in the raid at 7:50pm EST.
- be knowledgeable of encounter mechanics prior to raid time.
- have a stable connection, a reliable computer, and a working microphone.
- max out your professions, enchants, gems and consumables.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Zantheren, Rua, or Oswaygo on Zul'jin or apply at

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