Westfall Beggar Slayings

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02/19/2013 10:34 PMPosted by Ferlion
Sure, they were "fun" from a mechanics point of view, but much like a dull action movie, the fun wasn't enough gllitz to distract from the obviously poor story.

Puts them one up on most of the other zones at least. I'll take fun and no story over, well, no story alone.
02/19/2013 09:34 PMPosted by Kurze
That entire zone was just !@#$ing stupid.

Westfall has a quest where starving people asked you get get mud and snip the tails off coyotes to make mud pies...instead of, you know, taking the damn Coyote Meat off the stupid things we're killing anyways and making Coyote Steak out of it. To say nothing of the fat-!@# boars and the buzzards flapping around.

Westfall's plotline was below retarded. It's by far the most painful of the 10-20 zone bracket.

I know -_- ... im leveling my alt through there now but im just doing BGs to level because i can't stand Westfall. It's funny how a Teenage girls is beating the Westfall Brigade, a force that fought in Northrend.
Hey Horatio Laine! The victim seems to have been killed by the Defias even though it was made to look like the murlocs killed him.

Well that seems rather *sunglasses* Fishy!


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