Resto Shaman 480ish LF Raiding Guild

Prefer 25 mans and hopefully would stay alliance. Have a comparable elemental set but would also prefer to main resto. Have very high end raiding experience in other expansions. Don't have all enchantments but I have the resources to get them. Very open schedule right now. Ask away with questions.
I know you prefer 25's, but we have an immediate opening for a Resto Shaman in our 10m. Drop an app or find me in game or here if you have questions.

<Siege> is a progression-minded 10-man guild based on Turalyon-US. We currently have fully cleared all Normals and are 5/6 MGV and 1/6 HOF Heroic.

We are currently looking to fill one Healing and one DPS spot in our 10 man raid. This is not a bench spot. You will be involved in every raid.

Healing, we prefer to add:
-Resto Druid
-Resto Shammy
-Holy Pally

DPS, we prefer to add:

Raid comps obviously aren't as important as they used to be so even if you aren't a specific class don't hesitate to apply or contact us.

Key details
-Two nights a week: Tuesday and Thursday
-Raid Times: 6:50PM muster; 7PM - 11PM EST raid

Being that we only raid two nights a week, being able to make the vast majority of the raids is essential.

What we expect from our raiders
*Have a sense of humor, we leave most topics up for grabs.
*Be an asset not a liability.
*The ability to adapt to new situations quickly.
*Have a good attitude in raids and out. Be able to wipe on progression and maintain a good attitude.
*Be willing to sit. Working hard modes, we need to min/max raid compositions. If you are sat, be available to be swapped in at short notice.

Consumables/Repairs will be provided on an "as available" basis.

Fill out an applicaton on our website or contact a member in game.
Hey there I know you said prefer alliance, but we could use you! please see below for guild info and raid times! add me Enris618#1280

Guild Name: Massacre
Server: Turalyon (PVE) EST
Raid Times: 8:45pm-Midnight EST - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Loot System: DKP (Closed Bidding)
Atmosphere: Adult

About Us:
We are a mature progression-oriented 25-man raiding guild. Our core has been together for years helping to provide a stable raiding environment to be enjoyed by all members. Our raid leaders prepare heavily to help for upcoming encounters to ensure our valuable raid time is well spent. If you want to be part of fun group of people that also get stuff done this could be the place for you!

We are currently recruiting any and all exceptional players.

Current Progression:

16/16 Normal
6/16 Heroic

Mogu'shan Vaults 25 Heroic: 4/6 (First three and Elegon)
Heart of Fear 25 Heroic: 2/6 (Blade Lord Ta'yak, Wind Lord Mel'Jarak (Teir Gloves))

Our most urgent needs are as follows:

Melee DPS
-Fury Warrior
- Enhancement Shaman
-Feral Druid

-Mistweaver Monk
- Holy Pally
-Restoration Shaman

Ranged DPS
-Elemental Shaman

Previous Progression:

Dragon Soul Heroic 25-Man: 8/8
Firelands: Heroic 25-Man: 6/7

Please apply through our website, or find an officer online:

Battle Tag: Emaleigh#1402, Enris618#1280 (Hobkins)

Why would they want the "Worstshaman?"

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