Blizzard MMO's on PlayStation 4?

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Not looking for fan boy wars....or that the PC is the master race wars. Im just curious what people think. Lets be friendly folks :).

Sony Announced PS4 today.

IT HAS PC INSIDES - Porting games will be adream now unlike Cell (ugh) that ws in PS3

Some Game Footage - Links and then a vid at the bottom.

Then finally another article stating PS4 is pretty much a PC on the inside.

Ill get to the subject of this thread in a moment lol...

It was VERY SMART of Sony to drop cell and go with PC internals. Yes many Gaming Rig PC owners will scoff at the next gen consoles but they are for mostly games and in my opinion...and its respectable power for a console. Sony moving to real PC internals will make programming and porting cross platform games between next gen consoles and PCs a lot easier and higher quality. Xbox 720 is rumored (specs not confirmed for 720 yet) to be using AMD components as well.

So I feel that with the next Gen the porting and programming gap will be blurred since essentially the 2 big boy Consoles (Sony/ nevermind) and PC's will have almost everything in common internally as far as architecture is concerned.

It will boil down now to what brand you prefer and/or if you want exclusives to that longer terrible ports or anything...yes yes PC may always look better but it will still be a lot easier to port over to a console...

Blizzard has announced Diablo for PS4.

With PS4s specs/hard drive/ and also having a complete separate secondary processor to handle background updates and downloads....why cant Blizz port over WoW or even make a console version of Titan?

People say things about a controller...You CAN use a mouse and keyboard....Plus I...and many others Im sure...have no issue sitting in the living room at the big TV on the recliner using a wireless mouse and keyboard to casually play and enjoy our favorite MMO's instead of always sitting at the desk. Plus my PC I custom built and I dont want to carry it to the living room and hook it up lol...

What do others think of the thought of Blizzard finally moving MMO's and other games to the next gen consoles?
Well theres a rumor that PS4 will also support native Keyboard and mouse support for some games.

My guess is MMO's because they require a keyboard and mouse unless you play tera.
Tera can be played with a PS3 or Xbox 360 controller
It's got the specs needed.
I would like something in the warcraft universe but not WoW itself. Something with a huge emphasis on PVP
The only reason you port games to a console is because the average console household may not have a computer that has the specs needed to play your game.

If WoW absolutely required a high-end rig, a port would be justified, but since PCs are now so pervasive, and WoW is made to run well on older computers, the number of households that would gain access to the game via a port to the PS4 is very small. It's not worth the expense of developing a new version of the game -- especially since Sony would be getting a cut from any player who's playing over the Sony network.

Not enough money in it, so WoW on PS4 wont' happen.

Now, they may do what Sony did with the EQ property and create a seperate MMO designed for consoles, or develop Titan for cross-platform play. But not WoW.

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