[A] - Good News Everyone - 10M

RAID Times:
Sun @ 6 PM server until 11 PM server (may stop earlier depending on progress/situation but will not go later)
Alt Raid on Wed @ 6 PM server until 9 PM server (optional but would like to use this day for discussions for upcoming Sun RAID and gearing out alt specs so we don't hit any barriers in progression)

Website: http://GoodNewsEveryone.enjin.com

Hi all,

\We've gotten to 6/6 MV, 3/6 HoF, 4/4 ToES by pugging 5 spots for our first 3 months as a guild.
Recent progression:
12/12 ToT
Working on Heroic Progression Now

Looking For High Priority:
Fury Warrior

Looking for Low Priority (Standby):
Enh Sham
WW Monk

We are primarily looking for competent dps, ideally the above classes.

Because we raid only one day a week, we tend to go 4 to 5 hours with a long break in between major instances or bosses. We expect you to come fully prepared to each raid, consumables and strat awareness so that we can utilize the little time we have to make the most progression possible. Down time is our absolute worst enemy; we will chain pull entire time we are raiding and will discuss strategies we will implement PRIOR to raid start.

A lot of guilds say the exact same thing as the above line, but in this guild you will be given roles and responsibilities to provide input to the guild. If you are looking for a guild where you can just sit with other exceptional players and gain your purples, this is not the right environment for you. We are not amazing players. We are above average players who do exceptional things in the little time we raid and spend together, therefore you will need to carry your own, especially in a 10 man.

We are available for an alt run on Wednesdays if you're slightly behind us in ilvl, but we sincerely don't want to have to start all over. Therefore we're looking for 495+ ilvl.

I've formed/recruited/and raid led a top US 150 guild (Death by Snoo Snoo - US Ner'zhul), but have taken it fairly casual since I finished college (work and what not). Everyone in guild are older players who have been around since vanilla, but we have families, work, other responsibilities and so we don't want to raid 3 days a week. More importantly, I don't believe a progression guild has to be on a 3+ week calendar to get things done. Goals will be strictly laid out each week and you are expected to perform. I will do my best to effectively communicate the guild's concerns and help where I can, but if ultimately you cannot handle your own, we'll need to replace you, even if that means with a pug.

Please pm me on Jibzmonk or Jibz if you are interested and we can formally speak about the positions available and have a mumble interview.
^bump^ Please note, I changed a lot in the original post!

Edited original post with our new website as well as the Recruitment Status of classes
Hosting an open trial on Wed @ 9:30 PM Server. We will be running LFR ToT, first 6 bosses. If you are interested please let me know so I can send you a calendar invite!

Looking to fill dps - please see original post for up to date info in terms of what classes we're looking for! TY VM!
Open trial on Friday - June 22nd 2013 @ 9:30 PM Server
We will do a single wing of an LFR and interviews may take place via mumble
^bump^ new trials may happen over weekend, pm jibzmonk / jibz / jibzpriest

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