Possible transfer seeking Alliance Guild

Hello there folks,

I am currently in search of a new home and am looking at this realm as a possibility to make a hard push with progression now and in the up coming patch.

I am currently logged out in gear and spec that I intend to play, however as always telents are fluid due to encounters.

I Have Extensive BC and Wrath raid experience in all 3 specs. I am Experienced in 6/6 25 man MSV though never have downed Will on 25 and 6/6, 2/6 and 1/4 on 10 man as DPS.I have a Tank set I am currently assembling as I do value the flexibility of my class and believe it makes me a stronger contributor to a raid to have a off spec available.

I am currently seeking 2-3 days a week with the following times as guidelines:
Note: All times are CST

Sat, Sun: 7:30pm- 12am
Tue-Fri 5:30-11:30pm
Mon: Prefer off but am negotiable

Please note I do have some flex in these times. If you are seeking people and are not inside these times please make note in you reply so I know you have read this post.

I am available most nights on this character on Stormreaver or you can reply or battletag me @ Jerad#1602

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