<No Hope For Humanity> 10M RECRUITING RDPS

Hi everyone! :)

No Hope For Humanity is currently looking for 2 dedicated, competent raiders to fill up our core and move into 5.2.

Raid Times
-Thur/Fri/Sat: 7:15PM ST - 12:00AM ST

-16/16(N), 6/16(HM)

-1 Mage
-1 Spell haste (Pref ele shaman or boomkin)

Please be 490+ ilvl with 16/16N experience. Some heroic experience is a plus but not mandatory. Know your class and have the proper gems/enchants. If you do not know a fight, you are expected to watch the video before raid and lastly, be ready to raid on time with flasks/potions.

We also like to PVP casually when we are not raiding, so any PVPers that enjoy doing BGS are welcome to join and kill some ally with us <3

If you are interested in joining, feel free to PST Madaline in game for more info or if you have any questions.

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