Intellect vs Mastery

I can't find any thread about it, so let's discuss this.

Tried this on PTR and was greatly surprised by the result. I gemmed and enchanted myself with mastery instead of intellect. The overall result was that my heal only reduced by 1000 for my holy light (2000 for divine light) but the absorb shield increased by 1750 (3000 for divine light)

Regardless the fact that 3 of our spell don't benefit from Mastery and one of them (beacon of light) do mostly over healing. I think Mastery would be a better choice for gemming and enchanting than intellect.

What is your though?
If im not mistaken you are suppose to gem intel/mastery cross cuts mostly, so instead of losing 1000 from your heal you would lose like 500 and still get the mastery you need. But ima bit of a noob this xpac on raid experience
As it currently stands, Light's Hammer and Beacon of Light are far too large of a portion of my overall healing for me to believe this would be optimal, overhealy as they can be.

Things may be changing a bit in 5.2, so I could be wrong. I mean, Disc is getting nerfed so our *actual* healing (not Mastery shields) will be a fair bit higher - LH is getting its duration reduced by a couple seconds - obviously scaling will change with higher gear levels so we'll be looking at stats through different eyes perhaps - our 4-piece will increase Beacon healing substantially (I feel this isn't a particularly great set bonus, but it will devalue Mastery as a stat at least in comparison to Intellect).

I'm not really active enough in the theorycrafting community now that I'm going Prot with the patch to give you a straight answer, not that a straight answer is really possible at this point, but still. I can only give you somewhat educated conjecture rather than actual math. :-(

I am leaning towards Intellect gems once you reach a comfortable Spirit level, but I've been wrong about plenty of things before.
With Intellect being Red, Mastery being Yellow, and Spirit being Blue you don't have to choose one over the other. You can "hybrid" them out and take advantage of the of the gem bonuses as well.

I don't think of Int Vs Mastery, like it is with Spirit, where you have to find your comfort level, and then start trimming down (or not picking up more).

I really like our mastery capabilities, since it is proactive against heal sniping, and even overheals to an extent. But I would never give up a red gem for a straight yellow (an orange yes).

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