louisiana bros thread?

Bleeding Hollow
saw other people doing these, where are my louisianabros at?
wow dis is gey
Do you have da Ghey? I think you do
hi from somewhere between Marksville and Simmesport
Hey Obama!
slidell, st. tammany. Currently living in Ohio (woo snow)
02/19/2013 07:01 PMPosted by Stormgift
slidell, st. tammany. Currently living in Ohio (woo snow)

Could be worse, we could be New England.
Kenner/Metairie area
Morgan City lol
Metairie brah checking in
eunice/laffeyette area but i work in gonzalez
Lafayette here
From Mandeville Louisiana here
French Quarter, New Orleans.
Mandeville Louisiana here aswell!

Well, originally Livingston Parish, but moved to Mandeville for work.

We had a guild back in Wotlk called <Parish> that was all LA ppl
Slidell, LA here
From Oakdale area here. Central Louisiana.
I will be vacationing in New Orleans in March.

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