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Hi there, I have played this game since day 1 (with about four years of break in between). I was a serious raider in Woltk and casual in cata. There isn't very many high-end guilds on this server so I have not bothered raiding yet. I have always been in raiding guilds that do not care about achieves. Basically I am looking for an ACTIVE raiding or normal guild that focuses on current and past expansion achievements. Preferably not a guild where the member's only show up on raid day. I have most of the solo stuff, but i need many dungeon/raids and pvp achievements. I will be willing to xfer if the perfect guild comes up. Reply here or add my real id:

Ps. I know this should go in the guild recruitment forum but i feel like i will have better luck here.
At the moment I'm likely in the same boat, trying to find a more populated server in which there's something to actually do when I log on.

If you happen to go horde, and find a good guild (or want help finding one) let me know, Stromm #1904. If you're staying alliance I wish you the best of luck.

We considered going Alliance, but due to realID friends and being big fans of the horde we'll probably stay Horde. From what digging I've found, you may want to consider this comment from the Illidan forums:
If you are interested in playing on a populated Alliance server, I suggest looking at Frostmourne, Sargeras, Stormrage, or Tichondrius.
I just recently started Casual Achievers on Stormrage. Not a raiding guild, but all I do is achievements and looking for like minded people. FYI

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