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Hi, returning player from vanilla, I haven't played in years so pretty much learning the classes all over again.

I rolled a warlock and have been having great fun in the BGs. I find I can hold my own with a demo spec, often get in top 3 for damage and killing blows.

Anyway my question is, do other classes have abilities/spells that are specifically designed to dominate warlocks? For example, are there spells that do extra damage to demons?

The reason I ask is because sometimes I'm in demon form and all of a sudden I will get annihilated really quickly from range. I notice this happen sometimes when there is an enemy priest around, but I try and check my combat log and there is too much bs for any logical explanation.

Thanks all for your help.
nothing does "extra" dmg to locks specifically in meta, its just locks are squishy in mop...might even be considered the squishiest class. at 90 in arenas, locks are the train target. after you blow your shield and heals, ur pretty much dead.

since ur from vanilla, u probably remember soul link reducing dmg by 30%...doesnt exist like that in MoP. also, self healing like vanilla locks had are more burst heals in MoP with the regen talent and healthstone glyph

to be honest, locks arent in a good spot in pvp at the moment....other casters can do what locks do way more efficient....like shadow priest for example - way more utility brought to the team with heals, shields, huge dot burst, life swap, and life grip

here's a link that shows up-to-date arena representation: http://www.worldofwargraphs.com/stats-classesrepartition-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0.html

the only reason locks are somewhat represented at the moment is because of blood fear...instant fear where hopefully your teammate can blow some1 up. blood fear is gone in 5.2.

also in 5.2 coming up, locks get a passive 10% dmg reduction, 10% stam boost, and some other minor buffs. maybe with the new gear scaling locks will come up in the representation. keep in mind rogues and monks are both getting pretty big buffs which will be hard counters to lock

hopefully that brings you up to speed on locks! gl
Wow thanks for the in-depth reply, very interesting.

I don't really mind the buff/nerf ping-pong that happens in these games, as long as I have fun playing it's all good.

I do have to say though, holy !@#$ priests are disgustingly brutal - it seems they easily out dps me and heal through anything I can put on them.

Looking forward to end-game pvp!
02/17/2013 11:23 AMPosted by Sykocis
I do have to say though, holy !@#$ priests are disgustingly brutal - it seems they easily out dps me and heal through anything I can put on them.

Yeah that doesn't get much better next patch. I'm confused on what exactly theyre nerfing with the healing nerf. It's clearly, and for good reason, not disc/holy. Yet at the same time, they reduce shadow healing, but then let shadow gain healing benefit from pvp power. I dont think many spriest are casting heals in raids.... So yeah. /confused.

But yeah exactly like the guy said. Soul link is now somewhat awful. It's kind of like a health boost instead of a mitigration boost now, since it literally links your hp to your demon (aka if they take damage you take damage) which is why it's just considered awful unless you sac your demon (then you just get a flat hp inc with no worries of someone smacking you through your pet).
And a LOT of the healing regen we're used to has been taken away. I'm not quite sure how it'll go down in 5.2, but I hope the 10% tankiness buff pays off.

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