[H] Gold Plox 10m

Gold Plox is looking for the missing links in our 10man raiding rosters. Our team is very laid back and enjoys having fun. We are not the kind of guild that has rules for the sake of rules, however we know how to focus in raids as progression is by far our first priority. **If you are easily offended by off color humor then we are probably not for you**, but if you are relaxed and looking for a raid guild that enjoys raiding then please read on.

We are currently made up of members who transferred together from Ally, on Dark Iron, and have been preoccupied since the end of Cataclysm. We are starting here on Arthas, and getting ready for 5.2 because Dark Iron became a low population server.

- High attendance rate
- be able to research fights, your class and come prepared to raids.
- be comfortable analyzing combat or death logs to understand where mistakes were made and how to fix them.
- be able to take constructive criticism.
- be competitive in your role and understand that we always intend to bring the best possible player for the job.

Current Tier progression:

Raid Times
730pm EST to 1030pm EST
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

- Hunter
- Disc Priest

Exceptional players always welcome to apply. All positions are competition based and will be full time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bestmageus, Seohyun, or Kortosis.
Looking forward to meeting more people :)

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