LFM GMT8 raiding guild

Weather its newly transfer, recently quite guild due to guild problems or came to MoP late, I am sure there are many like me are would like to raid but somehow can't. I myself came to MoP late, and due to my time zone, it means i only get back from work at 22.00 and not many guild recruiting for those times, so why not start my own.

Here, I am looking for interested parties to start a raiding guild to fill the roles of officer/(Co)raidleader and raiders. Successful applicants should be dedicated to their role, come prepared, spatially aware, and last but not least, punctual.
Gear ilvl is not a huge factor as long as you can demonstrate skill and maturity as I am a strong believer of brewing your own raider.

Raid times:

Raid days:

If you are interested please leave a msg here, PM me or whisper me in game to find out more.
Hey trilee :) why not join one?

we are looking for dedicated player to join our rank

and we still need healer :) our raid time fits you perfectly
let us hear from you in game

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