WTS 1-600 Enchanting Kit

I have 1 Enchanting Kit, enough mats to get you from 1-600 using the guide: http://www.wow-professions.com/wowguides/wow-enchanting-guide.html

Also throwing in Stacks of Maelstrom Crystals/Heavenly Shards for purchasing extra Cataclysm Enchant Recipes. (You know, if you're one of those people who likes schtuff like that.)

How the sale will go down if you so choose to buy this kit:
(Credit to my lovely Misty@Illidan for putting it so neatly on her forum post.)

How the transaction works:

♥ You'll receive an invitation to my guild on any toon you have available.
♥ You will be able to inspect your kit and make sure everything is kosher.
♥ Once you approve of your kit, I will type out the transaction terms in party chat.
♥ Once we both agree to those terms, you will either trade to me or deposit the cost of the kit into the guild bank.
♥ After I've received the funds, you will be promoted "buyer" rank and will be able to take out your completed kit.

I am only selling this single kit.
(Many mats from RaFing toons.)

If you're interested in buying, whisper me in game on Yolo/Ivysaur or add me Snuggle#1454.


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