<Ex Tenebra> LFM Gnomes (16/16n 4/16h)

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Serious raiding, without the qq.

If you're an experienced raider, and looking for a place to call home, then Ex Tenebra of Caelestrasz may be for you. We have a committed team of approx 14, that have been together throughout Cata, and due to some class/role changes are looking to top up in some areas...

Current progression: 16/16(N) 4/16(H)

Raid times are 8:00-11:00pm AEDT (server time)*
Wed / Thurs / Mon
*Note this is an Oceanic server, so server time is Australian Eastern Time... therefore our raiders are either Oceanic (Aus/NZ) residents, or the odd American insomniac. (1am PST, 4am EST during Aus Summer/US Winter)

18+ only - in terms of both age, and maturity.
If you like to qq about loot, talk garbage in /trade chat, or if you'd like to hop in for some free raiding time while you look for the next place to jump... then this isn't the place for you.
If you're the type that comes prepared to raids... flasked, fed, enchanted, gemmed, and understand your class and role... if you want to feel like you're a valued part of a committed team, then check out www.ex-tenebra.org for all the info you need.

Current Recruitment Oportunities (2):

Ranged DPS (1)
Ele Sham (with raid ready offspec)

Melee DPS (1)
Enh Shaman

Healers (0)
Anyone that will heal a gnome (High Priority)

Tank (0-1)

All high quality apps are taken into consideration, regardless of class/role (or even race).
Please visit www.ex-tenebra.org for more information.
Killing stuff... looking for more...
Need more bodies!
I've discovered that getting pummeled by a blunt weapon can be quite painful.
Yeah... sorry about that. Next time make sure my dinner is ready on time.

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