<GDI>, Another Proudmoore Guild!

Dear Members of the Proudmoore Community,

Only one short week ago we were practically alone on our previous server, and now we feel like the country folk riding into the big city.

"Look! People in trade chat!"

"An auction house with...GEMS!"

Our guild, formerly <FFS> on Thrall's Alliance, has transferred to Proudmoore this week in search of a more rewarding raiding experience. For some of our members who have played for years, Thrall was their first WoW server. With free (in terms of availability, not currency) faction and realm transfers, our faction suffered since Wrath. We soldiered on as long as we could, despite sister guilds leaving or disbanding. This last month though, we decided it was time to leave, and hit the lights on our way out.

We are a ten man raiding guild, currently 9/16 HM, that always seeks quality over quantity. We welcome levelers and casual players as well as raiders into our guild, and only ask that they respect others in this game while our tag is over their head.

Our guild website is http://www.ffsguild.org if you are interested in finding out more about us.

A change is as good as a rest, and this change has certainly energized our people. We look forward to being contributing members of the Proudmoore raiding community and especially the release of 5.2. If there is ever anything you need of our guild, please feel free to send me an ingame message or mail.

Thank you for reading, and for welcoming us to the server.


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