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Recently I just stepped back into the game after taking a break due to our first child being born. I have been playing this game since day 1 and always considered myself the cream of the crop. At the bottom I have some old misc pictures from in the day showing some WoL's and pictures of many realm firsts. Ive had 100s of Top WoL parses, but just a few random SS's I took of WoL.

**Looking for**


Sunday - 5-12 Est
Monday - 8-12 Est
Tuesday - 8-12 Est
Wednesday - 8-12 Est
Thursday - 8-12 Est
Friday - 8-Anytime
Saturday - Anytime

Vanilla - Top 25 US kills of C'thun, Ouru and KT
BC - 55th World kill of KJ.
WoTLK - All Server first content Top 100 US.
Cata - All server firsts prior to leaving. I left off on 4/7H Firelands.Prior notable guilds - Damage Networks, Macabre, Incite, and V A N Q U I S H.

**About me **

26 Years old
Married 2 years now
Kept a 97% raid attendance for over 2 years.Here is a link with some of my old screenshots under Dracs or Dpsonroids.

My realID - Dracs#1320

We are currently looking for a warlock for a perm guild spot, guild is 11/12 with several close kills on lei Shen, we raid 9pm-12am (server) tue/wens/sun

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