10m LF Raiders 2-3night Raid Week.

Guild Recruitment

About us: There are about 8 of us that have been playing together since vanilla WoW. Over the months we have lost a few of our normal people due to Real Life Issues and we need to rebuild.

What I Expect: We are a 10m Guild looking to fill out our roster with players that can make 100% of raids at least 2 nights a week. Gear is not an issue as long as you are chill, enjoy raiding, and are somewhat intelligent you will fit in perfect.

Due to the in and outs of our players since the expansion we have done the follows

6/6 Vaults
2/6 HOF
0/4 TOES

I am looking for players that are looking for something more of a home.

If this interests you please contact me via Server or real ID:

Kel'Thuzad Alliance

Rogue - Conker
Death Knight - Conkèr (alt 138)

Real ID: c0nker#1669

If for some reason you cannot find me please /who carnal and grab someone to get in touch with me

- Conker - Master Chief of Carnal
Can whisper me as well, Aerss.
Could use a solid healer.
Still looking.

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