Elemental stat priorities for 5.2

I know currently the stat priority is hit to 15%, int, haste, mastery, crit.

This makes sense because until blizzard fixes elemental, crit doesn't do anything for lava burst.

I'm curious how big a difference it would make in stat weights if you:

1) Take Primal Elementalist which is getting buffed for 5.21
2) Are an Orc for 5% more damage to your Fire Elemental

Crit buffs the damage of your elemental, where mastery doesn't.
Mastery buffs the damage of lava burst, where crit doesn't.

Would focusing on your elemental pet bump crit up over mastery for overall dps? If not, how close would it be.

I'm noticing alot of crit on the elemental tier set and the potential items they can get from the 5.2 raid.

Anyone with the numbers for this know how this will shake out?

I know when Bink was playing with weights in the different talent setups in beta that Primal Elementalist pushed Crit above Mastery there, but he (and I) haven't played with it recently because we (well I know this is my reason, but I can't presume to speak for him) want to see if there'll be a final build with that promised pony of an Elemental numbers pass, which could throw any numbers we get currently out of the window.

With that in mind, once we get the legendary meta we could quite seriously be looking at Crit being our best stat (man that felt dirty to type.)
Haha.... just remember, 250% crit modifier.... how awesome would casting a lightning bolt and a fulmination together and seeing both crit and NOT thinking "man I should have screenshotted that rare occurrence" be?

I personally think having crit be elemental's best stat would be great. I just hate that lava burst hasn't been changed yet to make it so.
Still waiting for bliz to make damage buffs to elemental and without knowing them... nobody knows nothing ya hear

Also, Orc Racial: Command... that got nerfed to 2% dmg. Too many warlocks complaining about going Orc for a 2% overall dps increase because 40% of their damage was felhunter.
I forgot about that nerf to Command.... sigh.... oh well, maybe in the "elemental are still low and we haven't done a numbers pass yet" we'll see what they do.

/cross your fingers

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