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[After the first 3 bosses, the raid and a group of heroes representing both the Horde and the Alliance see Ji Firepaw sitting outside of Grommash Hold. However, now he looks darker.]
Aysa Cloudsinger: Ji! Are you alright?
Ji Firepaw: I'm better than ever, Aysa. Now that Garrosh Hellscream has given me true strength.
Aysa Cloudsinger: What he has to offer is not true strength; it is only brutality and oppression! You don't belong with him. Please, come back to my side.
Ji Firepaw: After you rejected me and everything I stand for?! After all my panda-ring to you, for naught?! I would have done so much for you. I.. I, loved you, Aysa...
Aysa Cloudsinger: You loved me? But I thought the only reason you joined the Horde was for those foxy blood elves.
Ji Firepaw: Well, that wasn't the ONLY reason. I knew after the way you treated me that we could NEVER serve under the same banner!
Aysa Cloudsinger: Ji...
[Ji's anger visibly increases as he is surrounded by dark energy.]
Ji Firepaw: There's no more time for talk. FOR THE WARCHIEF!
[Raid fight against Ji Firepaw commences]
[Raid defeats Ji Firepaw. If the raid wipes Ji says, "I thought all the Wrath babies went back to Runescape. Guess I was wrong."]
Ji Firepaw: I don't know what came over me. I apologize to you Aysa, to all of you. But now we must take back Ogrimmar, for the true Horde. Not Garrosh's mockery of it.
Blood Elf: Yeah!
Ji Firepaw: I didn't say the Alliance.
[The heroes walk up to the gate of Grommash Hold. Vol'jin tries to open the door.]
Vol'jin: The door be locked, mon.
[Thrall tackles the door and bursts it open. The raid proceeds to walk into Garrosh Hellscream's quarters. Garrosh doesn't notice his intruders, as he is too busy painting his nails.]
Garrosh Hellscream: Even if I can't paint Pandaria red, I can still paint my nails red!
Thrall: Give it up, Hellscream. You have the right to rule the Horde no longer.
Garrosh Hellscream: And what? Let you be the Warchief again? I am not going to let my people be ruled by a Mary Sue!
Chen Stormstout: He makes a point, Thrall. Maybe he's not as corrupted by the Sha as we thought.
Thrall: Oh, he is.
Thrall: Garrosh, what do you think of the Alliance?
Garrosh Hellscream: ADVJA;LJE;AJVL;AA!!!!!!!!!!
[Raid fight against Garrosh commences.]
[Raid defeats Garrosh Hellscream. If the raid wipes against Garrosh Hellscream and you go back to the non-instanced Ogrimmar without defeating him, Garrosh will give you dirty looks.]
Thrall: Whoever, whatever, brought this corruption upon Garrosh, must have been very strong.
Lorewalker Cho: Yes, this could have only been caused by the strongest Sha of all of Azeroth. The Sha of Swag.
Sha of Swag [Arising from Garrosh’s Body]: YOLO!
[Raid fight against the Sha of Swag Commences. This fight will be skipped over in LFR, as LFR already has enough “swag.”]
[Raid defeats the Sha of Swag.]
Lorewalker Cho: Well, that seems to be that last we will see of him. As they say, YOLO, you only do live once.
Ji Firepaw: Now that that whole ordeal is over, who wants to watch Kung Fu Panda???
[Everybody cheers]
Blood Elf: And then maybe some Twilight?
Ji Firepaw: Shut up, meg.
That was actually pretty funny.

I laughed hardest at Vol'jin's only line.
I'll admit. This made me chuckle.
02/19/2013 05:58 PMPosted by Bronyheals
Sha of Swag [Arising from Garrosh’s Body]: YOLO!
my god lol
Thank you for teaching me what YOLO means.

I am...unaffected.
lol *gets all serious* "And as they say.... YOLO... you only live once..."
Thank you for teaching me what YOLO means.

I am...unaffected.

Just wait until you learn what swag means.
I laughed pretty hard at this. Nice job :D

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