Just transferred to the server<horde mage>

hey Zul'jin. Just recently transferred to this server, lookin for a good raiding guild. I took a break a while back after clearing MSV the 3rd week of raiding. I'm 484 ilvl but i know my class very well and perform to the upmost expectations. I'm looking for a raiding guild that preferebly raids on mostly any days, but mostly days i don't work. I'm always good to raid 9pm EST- till about 12 or 1 AM EST. Just message me in-game at Toshirou or battle.net Behindjoo#1748
Vae Victae (H) Zul'jin

Raid Times

Tues, Wens, Thurs: 10:00-1am CST (11:00-2am Server Time EST)

DPS (DK, Warrior, Rogue, or Ranged DPS)
Healer (Monk, Druid, or Shaman)

16/16 N
Working on Heroics

Recruitment Contact

Officers: Thehrmit, Greymist, Iceis, Jezable
Recruitment: Griffus jsumner#1686 phone#:314-882-9445
website: www.vaevictae.com
to app beyond contacting e-mail app@vaevictae.com
Griffus I put in an app to the email wanted to make sure you received it.
We are looking for 1 more solid dps and another dps/healing class for our core group we have an extreemly experiancd raid leader 16/16n 7/16h and have downed the fist 2 bosses in tot the very first night in. this is the experiance dedication and knowlage u can look foward to in our group leader. We are revamping our core team to fit a 3 days raiding scedule and work on progression twords 5.2. We are a lv 25 guild that just xfered to the server and are looking to push progression though TOT and into heroic modes.

We still do toes and hof and will be doing tot along with those...looking for a dedicated dps and dps/healing class to join our core team 100% atendance wis required. we provide pots,flask ,repairs and crafted gear free of charge to our core raiders.
we are a casual guild but not casual raiders,laid back and progression baised , come check us out at www.epidemicofzuljin.enjin.com and drop an app if u are interested. we raid mon-wed and fri 8 to 11 server time. or ingame mail myself or Jaxinthebox and Takesh with your interest to raid.

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