Prot Warriors for 5.2, yes or no?

Looking to level a tank and get back into the raiding scene. I really want to play a Prot Warrior, but not sure yet. Anyone wanna point me in the right direction?

Also, not playing Guardian because I don't like Druids much anymore.
tank balance is by far the best balance in the game right now. All the tanks work, and you really can just play the one you like best.

At least in PvP it is different story, RBGs its Basically Warrior = Druid and both are better than Dk, monk, pally.

this is just a pretty good run down on what all the tanks are about.... take a look at it maybe you'll see something that interests you
I find that due to the amount of anti-caster stuff that warriors have (2 spell reflects and 2 interrupts if you spec them) - they are very good vs casters. Their mobility compliments this ability even more by being able to dart around from target to target. Warrior tanks are definitely one of the faster tanks to play out there, right next to the monk. Technicality though, it pans out pretty much like this. (most technical) Monks <- Warrior <- Paladin = Druid <- DK (least Technical). I play all 5 tank classes and my warrior has always been my favorite. My DK is my least favorite due to how easy it is to play and the fact that I hate Death strike's OPness with the burning fires of hell.
Shameless plug here: want to say, for T15 we are looking very very good. I underplay Warrior utility a lot in the post, but honestly Rallying Cry and Demoralizing Banner are pretty damned good. Skull Banner isn't something to look over either.
From the looks of the PTR, Prot seems like it is about to take a HUGE hit ..
^ the only real nerf to prot was SB....

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