Reduce pally dps when shield is up

Can we reduce pally dps when sheilds is up. this is stupid when there immune and they can kill you without being hurt
Blizzard has taken your suggestion into account and used their time machine to implement this change two expansions ago.
man it must be hard to read tooltips
Your presuming i didn't know this but i believe this is not enough. needs to be more or pass this ability on to other classes like every other ability has.
ITT, bad monk got gibbed by a Paladin who knows how to use his cooldowns.

I'm sure DKs should get silenced when they use Anti-Magic Shell, because it's Anti-Magic, amirite?
Yeah the 50% damage reduction is just not enough, and while your at it just get rid of Lay On Hands, even though they can't use it in anything rated, its just OP that i have to kill a Ret like THREE TIMES, even though i can kill him three times before he can even kill me once. You should also put a banner over their heads that says CC ME NOW when they pop wings because i just cant tell when they pop all their cool downs. /sarcasm...
10/10 for being a pure drooling special kid.
If Atheist are so bad, then how come AtheistZilla never attacked Tokyo and GodZilla Did?
Blame Obama for all your troubles in PvP Mr. Monk.
You can't handle the 50% damage reduction? And if we pop our other shield we can't use any melee attack, which is basically everything for prot and ret.

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