Sinister 3/13H R> resto/ele sham or disc.

Hey Thrall! We are a newly transferred guild looking to make a home on your server, please come join us =)

We are currently 3/13H ToT and is looking for a resto/ele shaman or disc/holy priest with high knowledge of their class and the expansion.
Raiding schedule: Tues, Wed, Thurs: 10:30pm - 1:30am server time with an occasional extension during high progression.

What we are looking for:
-Knowledge of the entire instance and heroics.
-Rankings or high outputs in your performance of both specs. (will be asking for logs)
-Efficient means of communications via Ventrilo.
-Able to take instructions, criticism, commands.
-Able to go above and beyond what is expected without hesitations.
-Know how to mingle and have fun with the people you play with, i.e. don't be a loner or an anti social.
-More details upon discussions.

Please contact Garlik, Ofire or contact someone in our guild, or send us an in game mail, or reply here if you are interested! We hope to see you soon =)

P.S. Garlic#1911
for frodo!
Where you coming from?
The mythical server known as Winterhoof, doesn't exists on any map unfortunately....
For good behavior.
For progress!
Come into my van
Bumping with all things unpacked and transfered!
For pie!
For 5.2!
Bump for azure waffles.
Talk to me
Happy Easter!
bump for Magran! glad to see you are on a pve server!
Still in need of an experienced shaman!

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