New to arenas.

A friend and myself have started an arena team, and really don't quite know what we are doing. We have been trying Restoration Shaman and Frost Mage, and I am not sure if other specs would be better. Thanks in advance.
That will work well. The best thing for learning how to arena is by experience

just keep playing games
Yeah, we have been trying to gear up. The armory seems to have a bit of delay on updating my info, but I bought new gems and some gear, as well as played 5-6 more matches. What I am having the biggest problem with is burst, they open up and kill one of us immediately, even when we blow all of our defensive CD's.
Right now, what we have been see most of is Frost DK's and BM hunters. The DK is not that much of a problem, if we kite and wait for AMS to go down, but the hunter rips us up in the mean time. I have started watching youtube/twitch for gameplay in arenas as well.
until your full geared and at a appropriate MMR you wont have fun, if your horribly geared and would like to get some experience with out facing full malevolent every game i suggest losing 20 in a row to tank your mmr tons, then youll be facing either a) noobs b) people in your equivelent gear ... witch will help you learn and win and hopefully not get discouraged
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Any comps specifically, or just everything?
I often run with a resto shammy and I have the most issues with ret/arms. I try to cc one of them but it's like trying to stop a truck by standing in front of it. Usually they blow up the resto in seconds and then me. I'd like to know if I could do something differently as well.
Thanks Spookz that is very useful advice

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