Is there sever full or douches or wanna be ones? I am just curious because people from here no matter what skill they seem to have (good, fair, great, terrible) all seem to act like they are the greatest at the game and i was just wondering does it just overflow here because the server is dominant horde. I mean even stupid things like Kigash of like peanut butter goes onto AM forums to troll about a LFR on how bad 2 people who have never even killed a normal mode boss and have only done all the LFR's 2twice? The amount of intelligence over that bothers me unless he's like a 12 year old boy with no self esteem. J/c though i figure based on past experience with this server i will get trolls and childish answer over a intellectual or mature answer to the question. Have a good day and i'll see some of you in LFR's
Are you mad?????
No, I was trolling because those 2 people, were giving me crap for being low on the healing meters on Wind Lord, which is a fight that, considering there were three Disc Priests in there, Shaman Heals wouldn't be amazingly effective.

We wiped the first time because someone accused Kasandra of being terrible and below the tanks healing. That someone was not me. However, after the kill, I was griefed by Kasandra and Rhetoric for the next two bosses (read THE ENTIRE LFR), even though I killed everyone else in healing on Amber Shaper and Empress, two bosses where Shaman Healing is very effective. I shouldn't have to explain this, but of course, !@#$%^-s are *!@#$%^s. BTW, Not using Atonement healing as a Disc Priest and using Renew means your terrible, regardless of gear.

I was not trolling about how bad at this game they were, I was -*!@#ing about how they're terrible people for griefing me EVEN AFTER it came out that I was not the one that originally insulted them. I was just someone they picked on. Of course, once a troll has their teeth in something, they wouldn't let go for a little thing called "The Facts".

BTW, they're NOT in ALL BLUES, they have some LFR Purples too. I was not in the wrong at any point then AND now. You, however, are for being fanny troubled that I called out some $%^-*!@s for being #$%^-*!s. Defending myself is not a crime, and everyone should know what douche nozzles they are.
KIGASH: 1 - Llucifer the Jerk:0
don't !@#$ with peanutbutter, they will put it on your balls and make your dog eat them
We are the greatest at the game. Fullstop.

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