Rogue, DPS Warrior, & Holy Priest - LFRaiding

Hello all,

We are three veteran WoW players currently looking for an Alliance raiding guild on Cenarius.

Rogue, DPS Warrior, and Holy Priest.

We prefer weekday and/or sunday raid nights.

We are all disciplined raiders that min/max our classes and have been raiding since Vanilla. We have played from casual to world ranked guilds.

We are looking for a guild with the attitude of a hardcore guild, but with the schedule of something more semi-hardcore/casual.

We have recently re-activated to see MoP, so our MoP raiding experience is limited, but we are quick learners and come prepared.

Armories for reference:

Leave a message here or message one of us in game.

Did you guys find anything? What are your preferred raid times as far as weeknights go? Also, do you have any alts as well that could adjust to meet raid requirements? Or is it a firm stance on the three classes/speccs posted?

Hit me up here or in game. Hope to talk to ya soon.

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