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Hey guys, im just looking for some helpful solutions about my latency in game
being from Australia i have about 350-400ms and its driving me insane in arenas!
besides any ISP queries is there anything i can do that will ACTUALLY help decrease my ping?
friends i play with in Sydney say they have about 180ms constantly and say the game is very easily playable and they have no problems with that latency but 350-400 is just too dear and results in me being frustrated!!
any suggestions will be appreciated! Thank you
You get 200ms from Melbourne (which is still pathetic; we need local server, but it's better than 350-400ms). Change to an ISP with decent infrastructure.

I suggest iiNet/Internode.
Yeah even with the best ISP and conditions you will never get too far under 200ms purely because of the distance between us and the servers, i find it hilarious when Americans start talking about latency getting up to 50 or 100 and the game becoming unplayable. 300 is pretty standard for the average Australian.
Yeah latency here is ridiculous, I have heard of something called tunnelling, which you can buy and it will lower you a little but I haven't tried it.
There also seems to be a world wide issue with latency atm on Blizz's side, affecting world latency, most likely to do with the downloading going on atm.
It is getting beyond a joke though, This week has been so bad that I haven't been able to cap my cp even through bg's, let alone arena's. My friend and I are levelling healers atm and haven't even been able to do that most of this week due to laggin out.

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