Which Hatchlings to stone?

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I've got two Flawless Dragonkin stones and I can't make up my mind who to use them on so I thought I'd ask some experts. I'm leaning towards the Thundering Hatchling and Wild Crimson Hatchling. I know the S/S Silver Dragonhawk is good (and requires a stone since it's from a vendor) but I don't PvP much so I don't think I would use it. Mostly I want to make sure I'm not making a mistake by chosing the Crimson over Jade or Golden (or possibly one of my other Dragonkin I've overlooked).
In general I only use a stone on a non wild (ie catchable) pet. For me to stone one that I can catch as a rare is a waste of a stone.
Yeah but I've been having a heck of a time farming the Hatchlings. I'm not worried about stoning every pet I have.
Every once in a while I would fly over to where the hatchlings are, kill every pet that wasn't a hatchling and fight those that were. Got them all eventually, just took some time. They're not heavily farmed at least.
There's not a lot of non-rare options for Dragonkin stones (dragonhawks and thundering serpent hatching being it).

But Emerald Protowhelps are kind of a pita to farm (and useful in PvE / PvP), so that would be my first stone choice.

I haven't gotten to Exalted with Cloud Serpent yet; so I can't say how hard it is to find compared to the Infinite Whelplings, to say what my second stone choice would be.
I've got my Emerald Proto-whelp (breed 4) already. I have an uncommon Infinite Whelpling but he's not a very good breed and he's heavily farmed on my server. I'll get around to replacing him eventually.

I guess I'll just stone the Thundering Hatchling and leave the second stone sitting in the bank for a bit. Don't need to make a decision now.
Yeah, I have run out of dragonkin to use stones on. I have 2 stones sitting in my bank. If I had a thundering, I'd definitely use it on that.

I think the Wild Jade is a better breed than the Crimson if you don't have a rare. The extra health is good for Lightning storm teams and the speed on the Crimson works against your tail swipe.

I used dragonkin stones on an Infinite P/P and a Nexxus P/P. Both useful pets. The Infinite is fun against the Darkmoon tamer and the Nexxus decimates flyers.

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