Will Arms be viable in 5.2?

I have been playing around for my warrior now, and I really like him. I am planning to get him to 90 and make him my main. I tried out fury, and for some reason it just didn't feel right. I then tried Arms and I knew what I wanted to be when I hit 90. Although Arms warriors are getting a few buffs, will Arms be viable for raiding? Or are they already viable? I am asking this because on noxxic.com, the dps rankings say Arms is the worst DPS spec for realistic dps...
As of now, Arms is at least equal to Fury in 5.2 but looks like it might actually be better, at least early on till you gear up.
Fury can be fun at times when the RNG is on your side and you can do your full damage, but it can be very frusterating when the RNG god is on the rag.

This is the only time I've actually ever played fury extensively and while I can say it's more enjoyable for me personally then the little time in Cata I spent as fury, I would still like to see arms more viable for PvE so I can play around with both.
It's looking so close you can play what ever you want at this point. Happy days!

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