Hello Earthen Ring (OOC)!

Earthen Ring
Just wanted to say hi! My wife and I just transferred to ER as we heard this was a very friendly place to play!

Don't worry, we don't bite (ok, maybe just a little. sorry!) but we're long-time WoW players since '05. We're still very active (14-20+ hours a week) and we're looking for a mature, friendly guild that dabbles in every part of the game--pvp, pve, 10-man raiding, etc, but most of all is a friendly, social , active group of folks (tis' the #1 reason why we're transferring, we miss the active guild/server feel!) Light/medium RP is fine. Many 90s between the two of us, but we're experienced with all classes and class mechanics.

If you have a social, friendly guild that's actively recruiting on ER let me know and we'll look you up!
Thanks Gron for the warm welcome, hope to see you in game!
Salutations and welcome to Earthen Ring!

If you are interested in RP on ER, visit our RP community site at: http://www.earthenring.net .
You can meet RPers and find RP guilds and events listed there. We also have our Occupy Ironforge month long event starting out Tomorrow, the 25th! Please do join us at the events, all are welcome, even you tall folks.

For Gnomeregan!
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