[H]frost dk looking to raid.

so basically looking to find a guild to raid with 473 ilvl due to the fact i havent played wow in a few months. i am looking for a evening/ late night raiding guild.
Add tyranuus to friends, We'll discuss things. We are moving towards 25man raiding and we are looking for players 470+ our main group is 11/16 btw.
we are looking for a solid 470+ melee dps to step into our core group. we raid 7-11 server fri-sun. If interested Btag me at James#11304
If you're looking for really late, we are looking for a plate dps (and an elemental shaman, by the by) for our main group. We raid Midnight -3am, Tuesday & Wednesday nights. Currently at 11/16 and 1 hard mode.
actually logath that works perfectly for me his name is rehxx. add him as a friend and we can talk.

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