<The Shadows> [H] Recruitment Thread (Lvl25)

Hey everyone!

The Shadows is a Horde side guild, level 25, and we're looking for good people!

We have a small core group right now, but we are trying to fill out our ranks so we can start diving into 10-man content.

We mostly need DPS right now, specifically for raiding, but all are welcome to join the guild! We really just want a lively, active group of friends at the end of the day :)

As I said, we're level 25, and we have a fully stocked guild bank (all 7 tabs), plus guild repairs. We are all helpful, and will be glad to run dungeons with folks, help people get geared up, etc. We do PvP a bit as well!

If you're interested, just do a /who The Shadows and any of us will be happy to talk! If none of us are on, send an in-game mail to Kalri, Basmonaj, or Tripodicon.

Hi i am not sure if yall would want to play on ali side but if yall do max threat is looking for more to join us for 25m raiding we r short a 2 - 3 heals 1 tank. But looking for all for 5.2 if this sounds like something yall would want to do pst me in game an lets chat
What are your raid times going to be?
02/26/2013 07:32 AMPosted by Scrämblës
What are your raid times going to be?

We haven't worked out specific dates/times yet. But it will probably be evenings, around 6pm PST at the earliest. If I had to guess, I'd say maybe 2/3 nights a week, at the most. We're gonna be starting out with Normal MSV 10-man, so we won't be chewing up a ton of time every week.
Another bump, we still need people, and we're level 24 now!
Bumping for level 25!

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