Spring Festivities! (IC Events in the Grove!)

Moon Guard

Duskhowl, once again, summoned his ravens. He had messages to send out, to friends and allies, and guardians who had wandered far afield. It had taken almost an entire moon-turning of thought, meditation, and communion with the spirits and the Dream to settle on things that would honor all those involved....but it was time to make the wishes of the spirits known.

As he offered forth his own spiritual energy to the ravens, part of the long standing agreement with the spirits to act as his messengers and eyes, he began to speak his message. “Spirits of spring ask for honoring, as is done for spirits of winter. Guardians will do this, and any who also seek to honor spirits may come. For three days after day of equal night and day, will be honoring of spring. First day will have naming ritual. Second will have ritual for spring spirits, and feast. Third will have time of stories. Will also have many doings. Hunts. Showing of strengths. Games.”

He paused, trying to word the spirits' requests—translating a myriad of images and concepts into human tongue was difficult enough, but this was...complicated and esoteric as well.

“Spirits ask of only new, fresh foods for feast. Things fresh hunted or grown recent. No old foods. Spring is time of new life, of many whelpings, and also matings. Spirits wish to see honor to makings and newness. Want visitors to bring not just foods and drinks, but things they make. Things to give, trade, or offer to spirits. Things made of what one who come is best at, things of use, or pretty to see.”

The next part was easier. “Spirits also honor new life. Will give gifts and blessings to those who seek them for pups, or the carrying or making of pups. Will also be asking point-ears for help in calling on Moon, to honor Moon, and to ask for Moon's blessings.”

“Spirits will be glad for many to come, to honor spirits in many ways. Guardians hope to see. Any who wish come are welcomed.”

The worgen sighed. That felt like all of it, but...who could tell. Oh well. If there were questions, people would come and ask them. Getting to his paws, the alpha of the grove waved the ravens away. In a flurry of inky feathers, the spirits dispatched to carry their messages.

Dusk scratched at his already shedding winter coat, and raised his muzzle to call to his guardians.

OOC things to follow. Be patient. Its a doozy.
OOC Information:

To celebrate the beginning of spring, the guardians of the Twilight Grove will be throwing a feast and ritual! Come join us to laugh, and have fun, and RP!

When: March 22nd-24th. We'll be doing events all weekend, see the dates and times below! (updated as things finalize!)

Where: The Twilight Grove in Duskwood.

Who: As always, those who come in peace are welcomed, and encouraged to bring family and friends along! :}

Everything in Bloom!

When:all weekend, from midnite when the clock ticks over to the 22nd all through until probably the end of the week. However long flowers last...

During our winter feast, Dusk and a shaman bargained with the spirits to make the grove a winter wonderland! For this celebration, instead of snow, there will be flowers and new growth galore, from a carpet of endless flowers, to blooms on all the trees to rival a Sakura Festival! You might even get to see the great tree coaxed into bloom by the ritual! There will even be a plethora of baby animals...and probably a ton of children!

Spirits Galore

When: all weekend, but especially after being empowered by saturday's ritual!

Dusk always begins rituals by welcoming spiritual forces, and this will be no different. Fueled by the grove's power, spirits of all descriptions will be wandering around, as real and solid as living flesh until the sun rises the next morning. There will be spirits of the season, the spirits of the departed, beasts, birds, plants...and any spiritual being entering the grove will be offered the same flush of energy, and be invited to partake in the feast. So come! Talk to them, seek counsel, wisdom, or just a chat!

The Naming Ritual:

When: Friday, March 22nd, at 7PM server.

There are many new children born and a number of others among the guardians and their friends who have earned their pack-name. Come and celebrate the giving of these names of power, and the welcoming of new life to the guardians and their friends!
Crafting and Creating:

When: All weekend. It'll be like a craft faire and bazaar all in one!

Many people have a particular craft or ability for making things that they excel in. Guardians and visitors alike are encouraged to bring their finest crafted wares to compare, trade, gift, and exchange with others, everything from leathers and furs, to everyday objects (furniture, bowls, pots, etc), to weapons, armor, clothing to even carvings, artwork, sculpture... At the same time, the spirits will be eyeing everyone's makings, perhaps hoping to pick things they desire as offerings....though most spirits will offer something they feel is of equal value in return.


When: Saturday, March 23rd, about 7PM server, lasting until people decide to leave!

As with our winter festival, there will be an IC Feast. This time, however, everyone is encouraged to bring something ICly to the meal. As it is spring, the bounty should all be fresh foods, rather than winter stores and old leftovers. Fresh greenery, things grown under the care of druids and shamans, foods acquired from places that avoided winter. Many of the guardians will be going hunting, in the weeks leading up to it, for example.

Dont be ashamed to join us in the feast! There will be foods of all shapes and sizes, of almost every culture on Azeroth! Come stuff yourself stupid in a feat worthy of an achievement!

First Brews of the Season:

When: During the feast. Best time for drinks, after all!

Just as those who craft will bring wares to the event, and those who cook will offer food to the feast, here's the chance for both expert and amateur brewers to bring forth their first brew of the year, something crafted from fresh ingredients of spring, and to be shared, tasted and lauded by all! While most will likely be alcoholic, no beverage will be turned away, and even the spirits will be indulging, deciding which drinks they like best. They may even give prizes to their favorites!

Mini-pet event:

When: Saturday, March 23rd, 9:00PM

No spring would be complete without new hatchlings, whelplings, litters, and otherwise spawned tiny creatures! honor the spirits with a strong showing from the newest generation. Pet battles, pageantry, and MARMOT KICKING CONTEST!

When: Saturday, March 23rd, 10:00PM

This part of the last party was a big hit, but I dont think I want to do it as another contest. It was really hard choosing. Instead, I'd rather let the RP speak for itself. However, in the interest of making it fun for everyone, I'm going to keep some of the limitations on the minievent that helped it flow.

- The stories should reflect the meaning of the season, to represent the renewal of life and the turn of the seasons as they begin anew. Spring is the season where animals have young, where flowers and trees bloom, and where the deadness of winter gives way to soft and new greenery.

-You should craft your story in advance! There is nothing more boring than waiting for someone to type so they can emote a story. Spend a few minutes in the days before the party putting it together.

-It must be your own original tale. Do not copy paste from the internet. Yes. I've read most of the books at a public library. Yes I've read fanfiction. Manga. Comics. I will notice if you plagerize. You may be inspired from an idea of a tale, but write it in your own words.

-No greater than 500 words! The story itself (not your emote text) needs to be 500 words or less. We need to be fair to others, kids, let other people have the chance to tell a story too. As an addendum to this, also understand that your focus in telling should be on the story. I dont mind if you emote some visual stuff, but dont do something like twice the length of your story in what your character's face and hands are doing. This is not the senate, no need to filibuster.

A Season of New Life—Rituals and Blessings:

When: Saturday, March 23rd, at 5:00PM Server. (before the feast!)

Dusk will be performing a ritual to honor the spirits of spring, and summon forth all manner of spirits, including ancestors, nature and elemental spirits, and perhaps even servants of powerful beings who represent the essence of life in some way. Everyone is encouraged to attend and participate, to honor the spirits in your own ways! (As always, my IC rituals are interactive, so it wont just be me talking for an hour and a half.)

In addition, because spirits of spring also represent the turn of seasons, changes, new life, and often the fertility associated with pregnancy and birth, there will blessings given out to those who have recently had or are carrying children, as well as to those seeking to have children! Perhaps even couples struggling to bring forth new life can ask for the blessings and aid of spirits! (I dont really want this to turn into a beltane-like bacchanal, but one cannot separate the fertility and sexual connotations of a spring celebration. Even in the real world, Easter also has Bunnies and eggs. And...well, if people choose to “honor” the spirits like that, as long as I dont have to see or read it... *shrugs*)

Feats of Strength:

When: Various, see below.

With spring comes the flush of energy, the urge for increased activity after being restricted in winter. To help with some of that energy, there will be competitions and activities to burn out that energy. Things like races, or wrestling matches, or competitions of physical prowess will be done, with winners getting various prize goodies!

Among these we have the following so far:

Challenge of Speed: The spirits of spring approve of the displaying of physical prowess! These spirits shall see us off from the portal in Seradane, and will wait in the grove for the winner. It will be a foot race (no mounts or such, though skills like Heroic leap, Sprint, life-grip, etc will be encouraged....) and likely have several checkpoints to ensure people dont think to cheat.

When: Saturday, March 23rd, 5:00PM

Challenge of Skill: A game of chase the stag, where groups of three try to coordinate their efforts to tag a druid in stag form! Show your prowess in the hunt!

When: Sunday, March 24th, 5:00PM

Challenge of Strength: A friendly series of one on one wrestling matches in the grove to determine the strongest. No blood or violence involved! The spirits will enjoy this display of physical power!

When: Sunday, March 24th, 7:00PM

Final Claw Challenge:

When: Sunday, March 24th, 9:00PM

For some weeks, a challenge of honor and strength has been ongoing, to decide who is best to lead the guardians in battle. Come witness the final test of strength between Mooncry and Luperious!
The Great Hunt:

When: Friday, March 22nd, 10AM

When winter loses its hold, prey becomes fatter and easier to hunt. To set the stage for the hunts of the year, and to renew the unity of the guardians and their friends, there will be a grand hunt to seek out and kill some powerful beast, something that can be brought back as a show of strength, unity, and luck for the hunts that will be had during the year. Come be part of the action and help the guardians bring back a mighty trophy of the hunt! (Likely some sort of world/raid boss, where as many people as possible are invited to go and kick some butt! ICly, it likely wont be the named entity, but rather a powerful beast of similar type that can be lauded around like a trophy!)

Hide and Seek:

When: Undecided.

Much like the feats of strength, this will be a way to show your cunning and skill. Using the whole of Duskwood, with a special ruleset, we will be doing a hide and seek competition, with prizes awarded to those most adept at hiding (without using a stealth skill! No cheating, rogues and druids.), and for those most adept at finding!

Elune's Blessings:

When: Friday March 22, 9PM

The Moon is a celestial body of significance to many, not only the Kaldorei, but in a sense to the worgen, as it was the combination of Elune's magic and the essence of Goldrinn that gave birth to the worgen. To those who follow the Moon, the fact that She has many facets is well known. To some She is the Night Warrior, who can assist Her followers with powerful magics to smite their foes. To others, She represents a force of Harmony, and Tranquility, a source of wisdom. To still others She is a goddess of healing, and the mother to Cenarius, the force that is believed by some to have nurtured not only the ancestors of the Kaldorei, but possibly other fledgling races in Azeroth's prehistory.

To this, it seems only fitting to also acknowledge Her, and call on Her Blessings in the Twilight Grove, a place bearing both a moonwell and a shrine to the Moon Goddess...home to guardians of the Emerald Dream, and a vary large population of worgen and Kaldorei. This will be done at night, obviously, and be a chance to call on Her Blessings. (Yes. This will be organized icly by female Kaldorei. I'm not going to be THAT ballsy. Also lore.)

I THINK that's everything. I know, its a large undertaking, but I think it has the potential to be an amazing weekend. I'll be updating the times of individual mini-events as I coordinate them with those running them over the weekend.

Scavenger Hunt:

When: Sunday, March 24th, Noon

Unleash your inner detective in a scavenger hunt!

Please feel free to ask any questions and such here. I'll answer as best I can! :}
...I'm surprised no one has any queries.
Excited, Verdy?
I shall craft a story from the fires of Blackrock Mountain!

One Story to be told,
One Story to find them,
One Story to keep them and in the darkness...
Bind them!

One Story to rule them all..
Should I bring cheezburgehrz?
You can bring whatever you want. :}
We're really excited. Mooncry has put down some hilarious ideas for feats of strength...including marmot punting, for points.

I might also suggest a variation on the Get games to her. Nothing more hilarious than watching a pair of OP characters tossing boulders and vehicles at one another to knock their opponent prone. Or unconscious.
*yawns* Still trying to settle on a day for some of the events, any suggestions?
Can I bring a party of deaders? I heard that the moonwell makes a nice hot tub.
I -will- set you on fire Prax. Stay outta the gorram well.
Last event was fun, I'll try to make this one.
You're more than welcome to come! :} Bring IC goodies, and prepare to be showered in flower petals!
So people have been farming up goodies to contribute as prizes for various events. Things like raid drop minipets, and flasks/pots, and maybe even some shiny new clothes!
Holy wow you're going to be a busy worgen! Free bumps from your uptight Gilnean friends.
This is Commander Shepard and this is the best thread in the Citadel.

I mean, uhh..

This is Shan'do Brokenbranch and this is the best thread in Azeroth.

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