Spring Festivities! (IC Events in the Grove!)

Moon Guard
02/28/2013 12:59 PMPosted by Aellanor
Holy wow you're going to be a busy worgen! Free bumps from your uptight Gilnean friends.

We're always busy. The grove is a happening place most nights. >.< Hope you can make it, silly man-thing.

This is Commander Shepard and this is the best thread in the Citadel.

I mean, uhh..

This is Shan'do Brokenbranch and this is the best thread in Azeroth.

Daaaawwww....I feel special.
02/28/2013 04:37 PMPosted by Duskhowl
Holy wow you're going to be a busy worgen! Free bumps from your uptight Gilnean friends.

Hope you can make it, silly man-thing.




Silly man-thing. Is what are, yes? Man-thing female?
And now it appears that Mooncry and Cabe may be trying to put together a minipet event. Or something. >.> I'm not really sure how that will turn out.
*does a happy dance* So excited. Although...i've no idea who all will show up.... >.>
*continues prepping for the party*
So, out of curiosity.....how many peopple are coming alone, and how many are trying to drag friends and guildies along.
*curls up, exhausted.* my hand hurts....so much writing.
Dusk you're so handsome. Why are you so handsome?
Pandas will try to make it. I'll know closer to the dates if I'll be able to make it. I just started working on times for me would be the issue. I'll keep it open.
@Verdy-werdy: Because Duskhowl ish teh awesome, loved by teh ladiez.

@Kana: No worries. Like I said, gonna be adding times/dates for the minievents, so there'll be stuff going on, pretty much for three days straight. Hopefully people will be able ot come for some of the events.
Ok, so updated the time for the Mini-event calling on Elune's Blessing. Our Night Elves got back to me on it. :P Also for the great Hunt, and added the Archery competition.
*drums fingers* I'm thinking of doing the storytelling sunday night. THoughts?
Ducks-Owl you're like my third favorite Worgen.

My first favorite is Adrius, and my second favorite is Jacob from Twilight.
This sounds like great fun. I'm almost disappointed I'm going to a wedding that whole weekend instead of this.
Ok Verdy-birdy. But that punk from twilight was no worgen--he wasnt even a werewolf. that whole franchise is made of suck.

*pats the panda* Soooo....bring a lap top, and ditch the weddin? Those are boring.
*rubs paws eagerly together.* things are shaping up.
:O This sounds like so much fun! I'll see if I can make it when the date is closer!

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