Spring Festivities! (IC Events in the Grove!)

Moon Guard
/throws a bone into the grove

anyway, i might attend.
Everyone is more than welcome too. Even our horde-side friends. I'd recommend an alliance proxy with your hordie profile though. Makes it easier to read stuff. :}
Sounds intriguing, I'll see if I might actually be able to make it this time.
>.> I need to pop over and visit!
As pointed out, there will be things going on all weekend. You dont have to come for every event, but there should be something everyone can pop in on! :}
Updated more events. Several feats of strength are up, both the footrace and the tag the stag! In addition, the scavenger hunt has a time!
I wish there was a way to get a headcount of potential attendees. Ah well, plan for the worst, hope for the best and all.
Only a couple weeks left, kiddies!
*does a dance* So psyched for this! *dances more*
I hope people are paying attention!
Next weekend, gang! The countdown has begun!

In addition, we've had to cancel the archery contest. A family event has come up for Gwii then. Unless someone volunteers to take over the event. :P
We're still taking donations of goodies for prizes, although I'm hoping to focus more on RP cookies than on items.
We had to push the time for the great hunt sooner. 10AM Friday, if people can show. Gwii has family stuffs that came up.
Coming, coming, Coooomiing! Expect the tune of the Dimbark Folk to be sung once or twice. ;)
Two days left until the festival begins!
Final countdown to the events!
All ready for this weekend? I know I am! :} Here's hoping its a hit!!!
*picks up phone and dials his secretary*

Hello, Tennerman? Cancel all my prior engagements this weekend.

*Hangs up, sips tea with a delighted sigh.*

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