frequent disconnections on Moon GUard

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pretty sure this is not my connection but just got disconnected from MG like 4 times in a row during an instance. and this seem to be a weekly thing now. Idk if this has something to do with slowly downloading new patch data while playing or if it's just a server-wide thing, idk but i'm not having a fun playing experience for the first time in 3-4 years
I'm no expert, but you might want to include a little more information on what's happening. Are you experiencing lag before the disconnect? Is it an area causing it? A spell effect or the likes? It could be the server itself as well. A few years back my laptop was getting slow, just because of age, and I had to play on the lowest settings possible to stay connected.
yes there was a lag spike, several times before the disconnect; i was disconnected from battlenet several times, reconnected, disconnected, reconnected, etc. It's usually during an lfr instance, msv part 1 this time. people were running in place and i was frozen in place casting an ability, then ten seconds later, everybody would be fifty yards ahead. This happened about five times. Was returned to login screen three times etc. i can't provide specifics on that was being cast at the time since there's 25 players doing different things, but this happens weekly

i might also add it was never this bad during cataclysm/dragonsoul lfr
As I said earlier, don't take my word as fact, but it's possible your computer is just slowing down. You could try clearing your Cache or something, but I'd see if I could get a Blizzard response.
i'll try. ty
nope, didn't work. high world latency (not home)

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