So Ret Paladin buff..

I haven't been on the forums in a while so I have no idea if this has been brought up but, I saw that they are reducing the CD on Avenging Wrath for Ret...awesome but in my opinion that wont really increase our DPS that much. Why not lower the CD on Guardian all around to like 3 minutes? That gives a huge strength boost to ret paladins. Id be fine with AW keeping a 3 minute CD while Guardian gets a reduced CD to 3 minutes.

Thoughts on this? Good/Bad Idea? Just trying to somewhat theorycraft...and I am terrible at it.

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Considering it's essentially our current 4-piece, and that I saw a pretty significant DPS increase despite an average item level decrease, it's a massive and welcome buff. Guardian is fine...Or would be if its AI could be ironed out a bit better. I've personally not seen it do some of the retarded things I've heard of it doing, but I suppose the RNG Gods have just been merciful to me on that one.
Ive yet to see it go full retard either, but just feel that the str boost from it is a huge boost in DPS. Yeah I will have to see my dps once it gets buffed.
But yeah, I think they ironed out its AI with MoP, at least as best they could. My guardian has been reliably obedient.

He still likes to do that thing where he'll appear at the boss when you summon him running in, then run back to you as you run in and then run back to the boss with you.

That's kinda derp.

But yeah, nothing like his "fun" days as an amateur dancer.
See, maybe that's why I never saw him do stupid stuff - I only summoned when I was on top of my target.
I would rather Guardian at 4 minutes, so it lines up with every other wings.
I always waited till I was on target before summoning, so never really had any issues with him doing anything stupid.
Went over the buffs we've gotten reasonably in depth earlier today:
They lowered AW rather than Guardian because that allows us to do smaller bursts more frequently, rather than just have a huge burst every 3 minutes (remember, this is basically aiming to address the complaint that Ret relies too much on stacking all its cooldowns - letting us stack all our cooldowns more often doesn't solve that). And 2-minute AW is actually a very good buff; it's been an excellent set bonus this tier, after all. It's basically a ~4% DPS buff, IIRC.

The Sword of Light change is also a nice buff across the board.
GC also commented that he'd prefer not to have Guardian up that much as it's too much visual noise.

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