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I spent about a half hour on a thread describing my history as a healer and deleted it because I live life on the edge of my scrolling chair. It's funny because I'm working on an application for a game while I'm unemployed. So that's how I do life.

Anyway here is the short version of what was a pretty good application argshgfsdhkeyboardsmashasogd.

Me.. Again
Timezone - Eastern
Played - 141 Days - Healed all through BC, Wrath. Didn't care for Cata when I tried it.
Age - 22
PvP - You kill people killing & me heal you. No no but I'm really a generous healer.
Arena and RBG's sign me up Scotty, actually no have Jimmy do it.
Vent, Mumble TS3 etc - Check check and check

Twitch channel - Check - Proof below
http://www.twitch.tv/psilocin/c/1842399 - First thing I did when I returned to WoW and was new to MoP was learn Hpally's AGAIN. I race changed back to Belf because Torrent is blatantly better for holy.
http://www.twitch.tv/psilocin/c/1423790 -Video of me breaking my keyboard holder because I'm a Diva while playing scary games (Explicit Language)

Just looking for a guild that isn't empty when I log on or half it's members spend their time admiring the ceiling in Shrine of the Worst City Ever.

So to sum it up. Damn good healer wanting a home. No fat chicks. No no that's a lie I absolutely love big girls but that's a whole different thread worth starting when I'm feeling cool, & Fonzy is cool so let's discuss that for a while because well? Why not, well not why but more importantly how and whether or not it will benefit the whole football team and lead us to state as long as we pass the ball to Tucker. <-- That's me. Run on sentences void of any sense or logic because life is too short to be understood. Standing is overrated.

But in all seriousness I am respectful when I join any guild and will shut my mouth when I know it should be

Pst or reply. Currently in game.
Guild Found, Disregard.

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