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If I enter the code on the disc of my W.o.W games will I have to start paying or can I continue the free thingy.
Once you upgrade your starter account to a full account, you get 30 days of game time free. You'll be able to play for 30 days without having to pay anything. However, once those 30 days are up, you must start paying for game time. If you do not have game time on your account, it becomes frozen and you cannot play it until you buy more time.

There is no way to revert your full account to a free starter account again, though you can create a new starter account if you want to play that for free (when you can't afford to buy game time).
There isn't much more I can add to what Cerylia said but let us know if you have any additional questions.

On game play itself, if you have any questions I'd recommend visiting our New Player Help and Guides forum.

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