RP Realm, what am I to do?

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I play on Moon Guard on this toon solely for the purpose of RP. But in such a matter of short time, it seems like it's died down drastically..

Please tell me there is an RP realm out there, with a good amount of RP, a variety of RP guilds, and so on. On MG there are a few 'large' RP guilds. I like the size of them, but there isn't a variety. And they all seem to be segregated and not interact with each other.

So active roleplay realms? Or is this aspect gone from the game now?
Depending on the server, activity level may vary on a day to day basis.

Example: I rarely roleplay on Tuesday or Wednesday. Why? Because I raid bosses then roflstomp lfr and valor cap so I have the +50% valor buff to all toons on my server.

WRA is the other high pop RP server.

But exactly what kind of RP are you interested in?
Meeting new people all the time, ongoing plots and adventures? What kind of variety do you want to see?
What I used to see was people RPing around Stormwind, sitting on ledges of the bridges over canals, in the Taverns, inside different inns. I used to see crime guilds, 'good guy' guilds, specific race guilds, cause guilds, and so on. I'd like to an assortment of guilds to look at in joining, and be able to see people as I roam around. I know I can't see that ALL the time, but I would like to see it a good mount of the time like I used to.
Most of the rpers are still involved in rp, but maybe more guild centric. I find it worthwhile to go to a smaller community and build some friendships with those who share your time zone. I hear there is more rp in Pandaria now, maybe you just need to level up a bit.
Well I have a max level toon as well, I've still yet to find any there.
02/27/2013 05:45 PMPosted by Clementine
So active roleplay realms? Or is this aspect gone from the game now?

Roll an alt to try us out on Ravenholdt. We have a small population, but our RP is quite good. It is easier to get your RP started up on Alliance side than Horde, but there is good RP in both factions.

On Alliance: /join RP

Tell the channel hello and you will be surprised at how friendly it is over here.

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