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Tentacles is recruiting ranged dps and a mains-spec or off-spec tank for 10 man normal modes. We raid Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7:30-10:30 PST. We are interested in efficiently clearing normal modes while having fun. We will add some heroics when it is convenient and run alt raids. We are primarily filled with raiders that have cleared heroic raids but aren't interested in focusing on them anymore.

For more information contact Tulg in game.
BattleTag: Tulg#1554
Looking for some ranged dps, preferably a mage, warlock, or shaman.
Looking to add another holy paladin or resto shaman.
We are recruiting a tank or a ranged dps.
We are recruiting ranged dps and a non priest/shaman healer. We are currently 1/13 H and discussing what heroics to add and when people want to start alt raids.
Recruiting a moonkin, lock, or mage for a ranged dps spot.
Recruiting a plate dps/tank.
recruiting a warlock or boomkin
Recruiting a boomkin, lock and/or a mage.
Adding a little more information about our guild Tentacles.

10 man normal mode raid. We got 2 heroic encounters down in ToT each week, but do not like to push heroic content too much. In SoO, I think 2-4 heroics will probably be our goal. We are not going to spend the next 6 months to a year progressing. It's a more relaxed raid environment as far as progression is concerned.

The group is small and there are 3 raiders who aren't regular raiders. They'll be in one week, but maybe not the next. They are around if we need someone to fill the raid, but not available all the time. We're looking for 1-2 more regular raiders.

Currently we are 7/14 in SoO. We had a couple 5% wipes on Nazgrim, it should come next week.

Raids are Tuesday and Wednesday. 7:30pm-10:30pm PST. This is 6 hours a week, not extreme at all. Maybe extremely short, depending on how you see it.
We clear Flex Raid on Monday night at 7:30pm.

What are we looking for? Right now a Balance Druid would be #1. We need a non-tank battle rez, 5% spell haste for when our shadow priest becomes the third healer, and if you are able to heal competently as offspec, that would be wonderful.
If you play a Warlock, Mage, or Shadow Priest, don't be afraid to contact us about about joining either.

How do you join? I'd invite you to come do a flex raid with us. There's no form to fill out, application process, or other worthless B.S. I just want to see your raid awareness, and how you perform. We /roll for all loot. The group is small, as I said. Every piece of gear helps the raid. Thank you for your interest in Tentacles.

Contacts: Tulg, Spaceboy, Grendels

Current Roster:
Tanks - Druid, Monk
Melee - Shaman, Rogue, Warrior(tank offspec)
Ranged - SPriest(heal offspec), Hunter
Heals - Shaman, Monk
Part-Timers - Warlock, Warlock, DK
Still looking for a lock, mage, or boomkin

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