Priest Transmog...why is so hard?? :(

Emerald Dream
(( always loved that set.
Also, this set looks nice on male undeads that im wearing. i have a metric !@#$ TON of darkmoon fair items and would be happy to help you get them. just offering ;p
I've always thought that the tiara of the oracle and accompanying mantle of the oracle from AQ were great looking & would go well for undead. The colors are muted and would work with a number of variations.
Fashion evolves and changes as things become overused and then forgotten. If you are looking for one dominant "end all, be all" mog it's not going to happen. Take for example....Ohhh I don't know.....Overlord's plate set. While It once used to be very fashionable, it is now dull and uninteresting. My suggestion is to use your clothing as an expression of your mood. Mix and match, and always be on the hunt for something better.
So weight, r we friends nao??
i want to thank all of you for your help. Please get in touch with me ingame with more ideas. You guys have been really helpful
Just dont copy me or ill have to hunt you down...even my hair matches my xmog baby even my hair...
I enjoy mine.

- S3 Priest Set
- Staff of Immaculate Recovery (Bloodboil boss in Black Temple)

And it does look good on a male forsaken, actually.
I would recommend mine, but its not obtainable anymore.
02/28/2013 06:20 AMPosted by Helliondrop
Alas, the only real transmog I like is the original naxx set, which only comes on the BMAH.

I love this set (Tier 3) as well & being lvl 60 it will be a must to attain the rest of the set. An easier set to attain is the Tier 7 from either 10 or 25 Naxx (25 is the best imo).

The addon Mogit is a really great addon, a must to get if you are on the hunt for a nice set.
think outside the box
03/01/2013 01:50 PMPosted by Milkydud
think outside the box

Maybe people like sets, its not a closed mind to like a particular set they think is beautiful.
It's definitely closed thinking.

Just look at me. No two items come from the same set, yet it is absolutely glorious.

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