I have been capped.. Again..

Moon Guard
*Hides bloody cricket bat*

Sorry just had a word with one of my sisters..

Those of you in Australia, who else finds it SO DAMNED STUPIDLY HORRIBLE when your internet is capped BECAUSE YOUR SISTERS CAN'T CONTROL THEMSELVES! ARHG!

yes i mad.
Caps? On your internet?

What is this madness?

/american privilege
You poor, poor soul.
I'm sorry. I can't hear you over the fact my shaped net is technically faster than my actual uncapped speeds.

I routinely shell out ten bucks a month for an extra few gigabytes to get me through the last couple of days.
Sorry for that, Gidget, hope it's taken care of soon. I wanted to tell you something in game, but I'll have to tell you here instead, since I don't have another way to contact you. I'm dealing, again, with a lot of crap and stuff right now, so will be tearing myself from WoW for a few weeks once the stupid holiday is done with. So I'd like you and Sybill to be in charge until I get back, if you're up for it. If not, that's fine. Just speak with Sybill, she'll fill you in more - if/when you are able to get back on WoW.
That sounds horrible. Why would there be caps on internet usage?
02/22/2013 01:10 AMPosted by Githnji
That sounds horrible. Why would there be caps on internet usage?

Because Australia.
You sure it's not your parents?
What are you on, Telstra? Ouch.
Australia, human rights FAILURE!!!!
Gidget I just can't hear you over my INTERNET FREEDOM /'murika.

On a serious note though, that sucks x_X.
Does everyone in australia have the caps?
02/22/2013 10:03 AMPosted by Letharian
Does everyone in australia have the caps?
From the few Aussies and Kiwis that I know, yes.

._. Would hate that so bad, so have my sorries, Gnomie.
We have capped internet here in New Zealand. We have one plan with one ISP that is unlimited though, but it's slow as hell.

BUT, my capped internet plan is

five hundred

Gigabytes per month for 70$. SO in a flat with 5-6 people living in it, each with laptops and smartphones, it's appropriate. Then again we barely go over 300gb in a month.
Since I run my own website, I got a business account. Last I knew, my cap was 12TB for $85/mo. Never got any statements saying otherwise, so I assume I'm still at that level of service.
'murica. Nuff said.
Wow, that sounds pretty awful. I'm sorry stranger. How about we cheer you up with some images of the promised land?

Australia sounds like a terrifying place. I hope your soul is able to be repaired one day.
Think about all the spiders.

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