5.2 WW PVP Stats

I've gotten 0 input from anywhere, as no one seems to of said anything on it.

Currently it's down between an opinion on the players end on Haste vs Crit for the top stat from what I can tell. However with the change to mastery would that make it so that mastery just becomes all around the best stat next patch for the increased consistency in damage over crit and haste?
I'll probably go Mastery/Critical Strike. Haste has never been of any REAL use to me as a WW.
Bottled Fury with 1min PvP DPS trinkets are going to be much more smooth (in theory at least) and present. Nowadays I already use my trinket a lot, but sometimes I have only 4 or 5 stacks of TEB. With this changes, even with smaller stacks the damage might be higher than it is now.
Seems like mastery and critical strike are going to be the two stats to choose.

Mastery is really the only thing we'll have going for us, seeing as how next patch we really won't be monks... but more like suicide bombers that run in and try to deal as much damage as possible before getting murdered.
I'm thinking a soft mastery cap, with the rest in Crit for PVP. There's going to be number crunches for it eventually.

PVE seems to be more useful with Crit/Haste still because of the need for sustained damage.
Haste has little value in pvp, next patch crit/mastery will be best if you want to be able to actually burst as a WW monk, still going to need to ramp up your tigereye brew stacks but it will be much better.

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