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First of all, I know that Blizzard doesn't control addons because they didn't make them etec...

But I'm hoping a MVP or someone can give me a push in the right direction since I reinstalled WoW and everything and still nothing!

I'm moving the folders into World of Warcraft > Interface > AddOns but they refuse to show up in game. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I am running WoW on a Mac incase that's relevant.

Help would be appreciated! :(
which folders, and was wow closed when you did this? are there any folders inside the addon folder

in other words

interface-->addons-->addon name folder--> addon name-->addonname.toc file?
if there is one too many folders that will break it too.

it needs to be
interface-->addons-->addon name-->addonname.toc file?

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