Possible AoE Healing Solution

Blizzard has come out swinging at jab-jab-uplift and knocked it on the head with the recent PTR changes. I'd like to suggest a change in our ability to AoE heal since jab-jab-uplift has been deemed not ideal by the devs.

Keeping with the Soothing Mists theme, I'd like to see another type of channelled spell that streams from the Mistweaver to everyone in the raid (or 40 yards) and heals them for a small amount (like Soothing Mists). Like Soothing Mists, you can cast instant Surging Mists but this time it splits its heal to everyone (maybe a slight buff to it when cast with this channelled spell), I would still only like to see it heal for a small to moderate amount of healing. Chi will be generated through those Surging Mists and, possibly, a 30% chance, through the multi channelled Soothing Mists (Streaming Mists maybe?), to gain a Chi.

Here is were I think it could be interesting... Uplift re-designed to be used with Streaming Mists*. Uplift could cost 3 to 4 Chi (4 probably) and have moderate to high (for aoe) healing capability. Uplift would no longer be tied to Renewing Mists and, therefore, be less RNG. Renewing Mists could then be increased back to its original state and spread to 3 extra players instead of 2 if it's required in our healing arsenal.

Streaming Mists*, if thought too powerful to hit everyone at range, could hit a certain amount of players (5 or 6) and act the same. Maybe recasting Streaming Mists* would hit 5 or 6 different players to minimise RNG factors when needing to heal everyone. It could be a target spell that streams to everyone else in their party (à la Prayer of Healing), which would work and be quite cool.

Let me know what you think? (Especially you Bliz Devs *wink-wink*) :)
Having 25 or even 10 soothing mist animations going out on a moving raid would be rediculously awesome, but sadly unrealistic. If something like a channeled aoe rotational heal were added, it would probably be either a party focused 5 player heal, or everyone in the group that smart heals 5 people for very low amounts.

I don't like uplift being tied to channeling a spell though, instant cast heal on the move is too valuable to lose.
I would rather it looked like nothing, you channeled and people simply glowed around you who were affected. The whole Harvest of Soothing Mist thing just doesn't turn me on.
Oh my god.


I want to having soothing mist channel on the entire 25 person raid while replicated from my statue.

Sounds broken and impossible to balance.

But I'd use it even if it sucked.

"Sorry I'm just trying to heal you dude."
^ Would be amusing haha, but very impractical of course. I do kind of like this idea. I have yet to test for a better way to constantly AOE heal after hearing the changes.
Yeah channeling to everyone would be far too crazy to balance... freakin awesome... but crazy. I've resided to the party (prayer of healing style) which I think still would be great.

I don't like uplift being tied to channeling a spell though, instant cast heal on the move is too valuable to lose.

While I too love the instant cast heal on the move for uplift; I guess this spell would sacrifice that mobility for more reliable AoE healing being not so dependent on Renewing Mists to hit the people that need heals.
With this aoe spell, you can put however much throughput you want by throwing more surging mists and therefore more uplifts, all dependent on your mana and the urgency that people need heals. You could also store up 4 chi for incoming heals - channel one group blast your uplift - chi brew - target other group and blast uplift there - then assess from there which group(s) need more. There's quite a bit more flexibilty with how you handle this spell which is one reason why I think it would be cool to have.
How about a tft consuming Surging Mist hits all targets within 5-10 yards for 35-50% of the healing of the Surging Mist. Still a bit of a cd on it, but it would be a controlled AoE heal.

I think in the end it may well be just Monks should be getting new heal for specific area targets instead of the blanket uplift. Chi Explosion, heals for X to the targets around soothing target for 2-3 chi and a 5-8s cd on it. Maybe call it something to do with clouds instead to go along with mists and whatnot. Cloud Burst
If you're played a Priest, Resto druid, or shaman, you would also see that those classes have similar short healing rotations and blizz is not addressing those or punishing those. I mean druids with their rejuvination, I just don't understand.
Time for some crazy ideas...

Healing orbs are no longer picked up by players walking through them but can be right-clicked (ala lightwell) to absorb the heal instead.

Idea #1: Place up to 3 healing orbs, new ability causes all healing orbs to detonate, causing an AoE heal.

Idea #2: 3 healing orbs and each one is a different color (red, blue, green). Each orb will have a corresponding icon that appears on the monk's screen. Right click the orb's icon to detonate it, causing an AoE heal.

Idea #3: Monks can now target their own healing orbs and charge them up via soothing mists. The more charge, the bigger the AoE heal when the monk detonates them.

Idea #4: If a friendly player is selected when a monk casts a healing orb, instead of a targeting reticule replacing the cursor, the orb will follow that player around, allowing the monk a better means of determining where the AoE heal goes off or giving the tank easy access to a healing orb.

Seriously, "duckling orbs" would be the best thing ever...
I would love something like.......Anyone ever seen Avatar? Remember when they first met Toph and she fought the earth bender ring master. I loved how he popped up several rocks and Kicked them all out in an awesome sequence? Would LOVE to see that done but with healing spheres. We pop up 5 healing Spheres and kick / punch them to several low HP party or raid members.

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