Stumped on trinkets


I have currently have three trinkets and i'm not sure which to use

1. Relic of Xuen(ilevel 476)
+926 agi
equip: change on crit to gain 3027 agi for 15 seconds

2. Arrowflight Medallion(ilevel 496)
+1152 agi
use: increase crit by 3838 for 15 seconds

3. terror in the mists (ilevel 483)
+1021 agi
equip: chance to gain 6121 crit for 20 sec

Any input would be great!

Brewmaster main
I'd say Relic and Terror
02/23/2013 05:00 AMPosted by Brolin
I'd say Relic and Terror

And, if you haven't already, upgrade the Relic before 5.2. It's still pretty amazing.
Terror is incredible for those EB stacks.

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